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Tips for IT Managers Dealing with Increased Telecommuting

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 23, 2020

Growing demand for remote workflows is placing a strain on IT resources.  These tips help smooth deployments and avoid problems.

DEI is Open and Ready to Help

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 20, 2020

A message for customers and partners.

Covid-19: The impacts of social distancing on data transport

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 16, 2020

How IT operations are being affected by new workflow patterns.

My Take on Cloud Migration: Data Transfer Must be a Stand-alone Consideration

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 06, 2020

Data transfer is a critical bottleneck that shouldn't be buried in other categories.

Cloud is Getting Boring: That's a Good Thing

by Seth Noble |  Blog Nov 25, 2019

Lead-up to re:Invent 2019 signals a maturing industry.

From Silicon To Memes: Part 4

by Seth Noble |  Blog Oct 16, 2019

A New Data Transport Model

No Strings Attached: Try DEI's Accelerated Data Transfer Software Before You Buy It

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 19, 2019

Video: The advantages of "try before you buy."

Making Gaming Installs & Updates a Better User Experience

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 15, 2019

Video: How data transfer acceleration can create an improved user experience for gaming installations and updates.

Video Streaming vs. Real-time Streaming - And How Accelerated Data Transfer Can Help

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 13, 2019

Video: The different challenges faced in streaming live versus canned video.

Anticipating Growing Sizes of Media & Entertainment Data Files

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 12, 2019

Video: Seth Noble discusses the challenges of handling growing media & entertainment file sizes.

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