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Data Security: The Liability of Access

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 12, 2023

News of recent breaches demonstrates the danger of allowing third-parties to control your data.

Five Myths About Storage Performance That Could Ruin Your Workflow

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jul 25, 2022

Understanding how different technologies relate to each other is critical to ensure that you get the speed you expect and require.

Cloud is Getting Faster - Make Sure You Are Keeping Up

by Seth Noble |  Blog Feb 24, 2022

Faster capabilities don't automatically translate into faster workflows.

Log4j CVE-2021-44228

by Seth Noble |  Blog Dec 13, 2021

DEI software does not contain or use Log4j.

QUIC: What it is, and isn't

by Seth Noble |  Blog Aug 03, 2021

Google's novel transport protocol has been getting some buzz lately, but what does it actually do?

Marco Polo: How a Children's Game Can Help Us Understand the Challenges of Moving Data Fast

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jun 10, 2021

Like kids playing in a pool, the environment of the internet is noisy and ever changing.  Figuring out how to navigate that environment while blind and hobbled is difficult.

DEI Continues to Fully Support macOS

by Seth Noble |  Blog Oct 05, 2020

One of our competitors recently announced that they would no longer support server software on macOS: a shocking move from a fellow Emmy Award recipient.

Cloudy With a Chance of Things

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jun 13, 2020

Advances in IoT device capabilities create posibilities for scaling cloud computing to the edge.

Unlabeled SMR Drives May Be Choking Your Throughput

by Seth Noble |  Blog Apr 17, 2020

If you are suddenly noticing slow upload speeds and recently replaced some storage components, SMR may be to blame.

More Tips for IT Managers Dealing with More Remote Workers

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 26, 2020

Growing demand for remote workflows is placing a strain on IT resources.  These tips help smooth deployments and avoid problems.

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