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Parallel TCP: How much slow does it take to add up to fast?

by Seth Noble |  Blog Dec 14, 2018

We're sometimes asked if we use "parallel sessions" to achieve our speeds.  The answer is "no" and here's why.

Do You Really Need Transport Acceleration Software?

by Seth Noble |  Blog Nov 01, 2018

You're here because you want your data to move faster, but do you really need what I'm selling?

How long will it take?

by Seth Noble |  Blog May 11, 2018

Answering the most common question about acceleration technology should be simple.

Testing Your Network

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jan 22, 2018

When we talk about 100% utilization of your network path, just how fast is that?

Meltdown and Spectre

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jan 08, 2018

Recently announced security vulnerabilities impact nearly all CPU hardware produced in recent years.  OS workarounds might affect DEI software performance.

Test Often - Cloud Migration Pitfalls

by Seth Noble |  Blog Nov 01, 2017

Always test like you're about to go into production before you make any assumptions about resources, timelines, or dollars.

IBC Recap: M&E's Cloudy Future

by Dana Merk |  Blog Oct 05, 2017

The biggest theme I saw throughout the course of the show was cloud. Nothing seemed more "real" than the embracing of the cloud from ingest through the entire workflow to distribution.

Customers Tell Us How DEI Works Under the Hood

by Seth Noble |  Blog Aug 31, 2017

Recently we asked some of our customers if they would share their stories. Many customers, both new and old, stepped up to show the world the DEI engines under their hoods.

How Much Will It Cost Me? - Cloud Migration Pitfalls

by Seth Noble |  Blog Jul 11, 2017

One of the most common questions I hear is, "how much will it cost me to move my data?"  It is a fair question, and crucial to answer before moving ahead with a project.  But cloud veterans know that the early answer will always be the same: "It depends."  Almost everything in cloud costs money.  Understanding how workflows and cloud cost structures interact is crucial to achieving the key cloud benefit of a low-cost service model.

Objects Are Not Files - Cloud Migration Pitfalls

by Seth Noble |  Blog May 17, 2017

Compared to traditional filesystems, object storage is cheaper, easier to access, and has practically unlimited capacity. These gains alone can be a compelling driver for cloud migration. But there are subtle differences in how object storage behaves that can negate all of those benefits and turn what is often seen as the first step toward the cloud into a walk off a cliff.

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