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Making Gaming Installs & Updates a Better User Experience

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 15, 2019

Seth Noble, CEO of Data Expedition, Inc., explains how data transfer acceleration can create an improved user experience for gaming installations and updates.

Gaming used to be an industry where you'd buy something like a CD, and you'd have your game and you'd play it. And maybe a few years later, you'd buy a new version. Really though, gaming now has moved into a Software-as-a-Service model where data is constantly being streamed down gigabytes at a time. Every time Fortnite updates, it's got to download about two gigabytes of data and that happens every few weeks.

Keeping customers up to date is a challenge. Nobody likes to be sitting there, not playing their game, and of course not making any game purchases. So, it's really important as these efforts scale, that game developers start looking at faster ways to deliver those updates and that massive content to the consumer base.

MTP/IP's scalability ensures that customers all around the world are able to access that game update data and initial install data, providing both a good user experience and minimizing the infrastructure needed to deliver it.