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No Strings Attached: Try DEI's Accelerated Data Transfer Software Before You Buy It

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 19, 2019

Video: The advantages of "try before you buy."

Making Gaming Installs & Updates a Better User Experience

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 15, 2019

Video: How data transfer acceleration can create an improved user experience for gaming installations and updates.

Video Streaming vs. Real-time Streaming - And How Accelerated Data Transfer Can Help

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 13, 2019

Video: The different challenges faced in streaming live versus canned video.

Anticipating Growing Sizes of Media & Entertainment Data Files

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 12, 2019

Video: Seth Noble discusses the challenges of handling growing media & entertainment file sizes.

Challenges of Moving Digital Data in Media & Entertainment

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 11, 2019

Video: A quick overview of the challenges and means for moving time-sensitive digital data in the media and entertainment industry

Seth Noble featured on

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Blog Sep 10, 2019

From Silicon To Memes: The Cost Of Communicating With A Protocol From 1974, part three of a four part series.

Join us at IBC

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Events Aug 23, 2019

Let's meet at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, September 13 to 16.

Software Update

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Announcements Aug 23, 2019

ExpeDat 1.18D, CloudDat 1.18D, SyncDat 1.5D, MTP Tunnel 1.1O, MTP 4.2.9:
Maintenance update.

From Silicon To Memes: Part 2

by Seth Noble |  Blog Aug 08, 2019

The Mechanisms Of Digital Communication

AWS NY Summit: Challenges of Getting Data into AWS S3 Quickly and Inexpensively

by Dana Merk |  Blog Jul 26, 2019

AWS NY Summit: Challenges of Getting Data into AWS S3 Quickly and Inexpensively

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