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Support is included with every purchase.


Software purchased from DEI comes with one year of support services.  This includes updates to software and technical assistance via telephone or e-mail.  Please refer to your Software License Agreement for details.


Near the end of your support services term, you may purchase an additional year, including updates and technical assistance, for 75% off the new-purchase price then in effect.

To ensure uninterrupted access to support services, please contact us about extending support at least thirty days prior to expiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How support works

Below are answers to common questions about support for ExpeDat, CloudDat, SyncDat, and MTP Tunnel when purchased from DEI.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

What support is included with my purchase?
All purchased licenses include software updates and technical assistance.
When does initial support begin and end?
Support for perpetual licenses begins the day of your purchase and ends one year later.  Term licenses include support beginning on the day of purchase and ending with the end of the term.  Support for CloudDat purchased via AWS Marketplace begins and ends with your subscription.
Do I need to extend support for my perpetual license to keep using DEI software?
No, a perpetual license really does keep running.  You do not need to purchase anything more to keep using perpetual software.
What does an upgrade and support extension cost for a perpetual license?
When purchased within six months after the last support term expired, a one year extension from your previous expiration costs 25% of an equivalent new license.
What if I do not extend support right away?
If you wait more than six months, the cost to reconnect support is 37.5% of a new license but you get a full year of support from the date of purchase.
When does extended support for a perpetual license begin and end?
When purchased within six months of expiration, the new support term begins on the day the license's last support term ends, and continues until one year later.  When purchased more than six months after expiration, at the higher price, a support reconnect term begins on the day of purchase and ends one year later.
How are client licenses supported?
As long as you have active support on at least one server license, you will have access to the latest client software.  However, that client software will only be eligible for technical assistance when it is used with a server that has support.
I purchased multiple perpetual server licenses, can I align their support to a single anniversary?
Yes, you can buy prorated support for some of your licenses to synchronize their anniversaries.  At least one support term must be extended by at least one year.
What if I extend support for some server licenses but not others?
Updates published after support for a license expires will not accept the license code for that server.  Keep your old install packages to keep using the unsupported servers.
When is the best time to purchase a support extension?
To ensure uninterrupted support and receive the lowest price, we recommend purchasing a support extension at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current term.
Can I move a server license to a new host?
If the license is bound to a portable identifier, such as an IP address, then you may be able to move the server license by assigning that identifier to a new machine.  If the license is bound to a non-portable identifier, such as a motherboard MAC address, you will need to request a host migration.  See Tech Note 0007 for details.
Can I change the host binding of a server license?
Yes, during an active term of support, you may make occasional changes to the server license's host binding to accomodate changes in network infrastructure.  See Tech Note 0007 for details.
Can I change the host binding without support?
No, a license must be actively supported to change its binding.
Can I download older versions of the software?
Key releases of older versions may be retained in your customer download site.  However, obsolete versions are not supported and are occasionally purged from the download site.  Keep copies of older packages yourself if you think you may need them.
Can I download my last supported version after support expires?
No, your customer download site will expire shortly after the expiration of your last support term.  You should download and keep copies of any software packages you may need in the future.
What do I do if logging into my customer site receives the error "Support contract has expired"?
Contact us to purchase a support extension.