Case Studies

Customers share how DEI works for them

We asked some of our customers to share their stories. Many, both new and old, stepped up to show the world the DEI engines under their hoods.

8K Miles is a global cloud and security solutions provider and next-generation cloud managed service provider.

"We've come to rely on CloudDat as a solution for moving highly sensitive, massive data sets to the cloud."

— Sudish Mogli, VP Engineering & Operations, 8K Miles

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Amagi is a pioneer in cloud-managed broadcast services and targeted advertising on TV and OTT.

"When we first used Data Expedition's ExpeDat, it gave us 10X or more transfer speed. Our first reaction was, 'Are we really seeing the right thing?'"

— Srividhya Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi

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Base Media Cloud helps digital media companies move their applications and storage workflows into the cloud.

"We had a customer with over one million files to sync from their post facility to our cloud platform with a very short time window. The way the sync-to-architecture is designed, SyncDat could do it really fast and for a good, predictable price per month."

— Ben Foakes, Managing Director and Founder, BASE Media Cloud

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castLabs is a pioneer in software and cloud services for digital video markets around the globe.

"CloudDat was easy to implement, and once we did, we no longer had to think about it. It just works."

— Michael Stattmann, CEO and CTO, castLabs

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Crispin Corporation, a Sony Group Company, provides master control automation and asset management solutions for broadcasters, cable operators and other television and media operations.

"We have a seamless integration between LoadingDock and MTP, which makes it very straightforward to transfer files from point A to point B."

— Jim Zagrobelny, CTO, Crispin

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Endemol Shine Australia (ESA) is based in Sydney with a team focused on television and digital production for top-rated reality shows.

"ExpeDat is a rock solid, simple solution. The simple pricing, the very simple interface, with the performance we needed just kind of ticked all the boxes."

— Ben Trinder, Technical Manager, Post Production Endemol Shine

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The Farm Group provides full post-production services, facilities, and equipment to award-winning shows seen on Fox, the BBC, Netflix, Sky One, Amazon, and many others.

"SyncDat is solid.  It sits on our infrastructure and helps us deliver files easily."

— Tom Lescoffit, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, The Farm Group

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Just before the global pandemic hit, award-winning public television and radio producer GBH of Boston had embarked on a massive media archive project.  Data Expedition, Inc. and Cloudian helped adapt it into a more efficient remote work setup.

"This isn't just a COVID work around, this is the way we want to work, and that's important."

— Shane Miner, Chief Technology Officer, GBH

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M2Film is a full-service film production company of TV commercials, motion pictures, and branded content.

"The problem with data transfer will get worse, because there will always be faster internet and bigger files, but speed of light pretty much stays the same. Latency will be the killer, but that's something ExpeDat can mitigate - making a gigabit line actually be a gigabit, enabling the technology you already have."

— Thomas Knudsen, Head of IT & Security, M2Film

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Managed Technology Services, an HBR Consulting and LexisNexis solution, is a trusted data-hosting service provider to the legal industry, including 25 percent of the AmLaw100.

"With ExpeDat, MTS's customers are able to completely remove the issue of unknown transfer time, because distance is irrelevant."

— Tagg Madden, Solutions Architect, MTS

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Multiview builds powerful, easy-to-use enterprise accounting and financial management software.

"There are several things that make ExpeDat a solution we cannot live without, including its simplicity, reliability, speed and security."

— Jamil El Ghazal, Director of Technology Services, Multiview Corporation

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Nocturnal Technologies, provides IT and network consulting to businesses needing setup and support from the back end to desktop.  In this video interview, Luis Rivera explains why he chose ExpeDat for his client's photography workflow.

"We use software to solve problems, and essentially, what that does is that it saves us time. And ExpeDat, it works and it saves us time."

— Luis Rivera, Systems Engineer, Nocturnal Technologies

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Ollin VFX takes advantage of DEI's COVID-19 software license offer to meet project deadlines during lockdown.

"I mean, it's simple, it does what it should, it's there, it's reliable.  That's exactly what we need."

— Alejandro Diego, Co-founder & President, Ollin VFX

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Preymaker uses CloudDat to enable their cloud- native workflow.

"A product like CloudDat is critical for companies pivoting to cloud infrastructure."

— Alan McSeveney, Preymaker

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PureRED uses ExpeDat to quickly and easily share thousands of digital images daily with creative vendor in Mumbai, India for an online store.

"You know software works when you forget about it."

— Marc Konik, Vice President, Information Technology — PureRED

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UCNS, uses ExpeDat to provide secure and accelerated data transport for film and tv productions on-location.

"ExpeDat is lightweight, fairly priced, and absolutely works. For a direct delivery and receipt model, in my mind, it's the only choice."

— Justin Owen, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, UCNS

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