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No Strings Attached: Try DEI's Accelerated Data Transfer Software Before You Buy It

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 19, 2019

CEO Seth Noble talks about the DEI advantage of "try before you buy."

One of the things that makes Data Expedition, Incorporated different is that we highly encourage people to try our software before they buy it. We front end support, so that people can understand the software. But in a lot of cases, even that isn't necessary. We're the only vendor that makes our software available for download without ever speaking to us.

Most of our customers come to our website, download the trials and are able to successfully deploy and see for themselves how fast it can go. We have a lot of people come to us saying that they've been already using it for a while now and all of their users can't live without it, so can they please get some software before the trial expires.

We think that it's really important for customers to try the software before they make deployment plans, because in a lot of cases the infrastructure isn't what you think it is and your needs may be a little bit different than your planning.

With our software's flexibility and its diagnostics, we're able to help identify problems and with our free consultations help you come up with a deployment plan that will meet your needs before you have to put down any money.