Why DEI?

Learn why DEI is the best choice for faster, more reliable data transfer.

The Problem

From Silicon To Memes

TCP can't fulfill the needs of modern data communications.

Given the evolution of computing over the past five decades, it is almost unthinkable that the single piece of technology which now controls nearly all global communication remains unchanged.

The basic data model for TCP – the data transport protocol underneath it all – is the same as it was in 1974 and every company that depends on digital communication, whether for operations or customer engagement, is losing up to 20% of its revenue to this inefficiency.

Learn more about how we got here and what can be done to fix the problem.

The Solution

Multipurpose Transaction Protocol®

Intelligent Data Transport

MTP/IP automatically adapts to network variability, maximizing available bandwidth, while minimizing time and effort required for data transport.  It moves any data, over any distance, reliably and efficiently.

MTP Performance


TCP/IP and other data transport technologies cannot adapt to the variabilities of most network infrastructure.  Those technologies underutilize network bandwidth and require much time and effort to move data.  MTP/IP fills the pipe by layering modern flow control and error recovery on top of the UDP/IP packet format, saving time and money.


Easy setup, use, and integration.

Acceleration doesn't have to be a CIO-level project.

Intelligent data transport means software that adapts to your environment and workflow.

Other acceleration technologies require hours of setup at each point and careful coordination amongst user groups.  DEI software can be setup in minutes and MTP/IP's intelligent adaptation ensures high performance without network disruption.

The vast majority of customers never need to touch performance controls.  Single executable clients mean no installation or setup for end-users: just download and run the software.  Single UDP port servers with adaptive performance minimize IT involvement.

"I like to see an application that 'says what it does and does what it says' refreshing."

"It just worked straight out of the box which is not something I can say for all the vendors we work with!"

"I am pretty impressed by the functionality and the simplicity, so ExpeDat is my winner!"

"It just works and becomes an almost invisible part of our workflow."

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A fraction of the cost.

No hidden fees for bandwidth, clients, or feature bloat.

For the same workflow, DEI's software often costs 80% less than that of competitors.  Many customers ask, "Is that the price per year?"  No, that's our price for a perpetual license which is why we are the only acceleration vendor to post our prices online.

How are we able to sell the world's most intelligent data transport for so little?  By being focused solely on data transport: easy setup, low maintenance, and a pluggable architecture that works with your workflow instead of trying to replace it.

Perpetual licenses

No bandwidth limits

No charge per byte

Free client seats

Third-party deployment included

Subscriptions available via CloudDat for AWS


Support, updates, and consultation included.

We make sure it works for you before you buy.

Data transport doesn't happen in isolation: it is part of a workflow and dependent on dozens of systems.  Our consultative approach ensures that you get the right product and can take full advantage of its features.

As the only vendor who provides fully functional free trials online, we make sure you are completely satisfied before you buy.

"Your support is fantastic, I really appreciate it."

"This has been the fastest and best client service I have received to date. Your company should be nominated for best customer care."

"You have excellent software, and amazing support to back it up."

"You are the best tech support I have ever had."

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