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DEI is Open and Ready to Help

by Seth Noble |  Blog Mar 20, 2020

As workflows shift in response to new telecommuting requirements, know that the team at Data Expedition, Inc. is here to help. Easy to deploy, flexible, and highly efficient data transfer has always been our specialty. As your own data transfer processes are challenged, we want to make sure you know your options and assist you in adapting and overcoming.

Dana and the sales team will be reaching out to everyone individually, but if you have any questions or need anything immediately - tech support, added capacity, or new licenses to help make things easier for those now working remotely - please let us know. We are available to talk through your data transport challenges.

DEI's portfolio of intelligent data transport technology includes a variety of products you may not have considered in the past:

  • ExpeDat - fast file transfer for both end-users and workflow integration
  • CloudDat - high speed access to AWS object storage and all cloud file storage
  • SyncDat - folder synchronization with unparalleled scan speeds

Our Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® (MTP™/IP) technology automatically copes with network variability, delivering consistently high performance and predictable workflows. With the strain of the current situation, it is more important than ever to achieve high efficiency with minimal effort.

My recent blog, "Covid-19: The impacts of social distancing on data transport" looks at the broader impacts telecommuting is having on data transport. Keep an eye on our news feed for upcoming tips on adapting IT operations to changing workflows.