SyncDat is licensed by the server host.  There is no charge for network speed, bytes transferred, or files synchronized.

Included Per Server

Each SyncDat server license includes all of the following.


Servers and clients run forever!  You and your users never need to pay or re-install just to keep the software you have.


Data can move as fast as your hardware.  Your bandwidth needs will grow, and SyncDat will grow with you, at no additional cost.


No-cost enterprise distribution of clients.  No limit to the number files or their sizes.  Your folders will grow, SyncDat will grow with you.


One year of support and updates included.  No extra cost for the latest features: all updates, both minor and major releases, are included with support.


Each server license is priced according to how many active transactions it can process at once.  There is no cost for idle clients.

Capacity Per Server Price Per Server Client Seats Bandwidth
 1 $ 3000 Unlimited Unlimited
 4 $ 6000 Unlimited Unlimited
 8 $ 9000 Unlimited Unlimited
16 $12000 Unlimited Unlimited
32 $15000 Unlimited Unlimited
64 $18000 Unlimited Unlimited
128 $21000 Unlimited Unlimited
256 $24000 Unlimited Unlimited
Capacity counts the maximum number of things each server license can do at any one time.  These include transferring a file, scanning a folder, creating a folder, creating a link, and deleting a file.  There is no cost for bandwidth: the price is the same for any speed and any amount of data.

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