Sales Agents

Purchasing on behalf of a third-party

Resellers and sales agents seeking to quote, purchase, finance, or deliver DEI software on behalf of a third-party must be aware of the following policies:

  • DEI provides pre-sales support and price quotes directly to customers / end-users.
  • Customer information is confidential and cannot be shared with third-parties without customer approval.
  • Customers wishing to purchase through a third-party agent must notify us of the agent's identity and purchase authority prior to issuing a purchase order.
  • Third-party requests for quotes without prior customer approval will be denied.
  • Purchase orders which do not cite a valid quote number will be denied.
  • Software licenses are issued to the customer named on the contract.
  • Technical support is provided to the customer named on the contract.
  • Integrators and software developers seeking to provide joint or integrated solutions should contact us as early as possible in the project to establish needs, volume pricing, support, and sub-license requirements.

DEI welcomes partners seeking to integrate our technology into other solutions and services, including "white-label" and "OEM" arrangements.  Contact us for details.