Bring native high-performance networking to your application.

Software Development Kits

Real code. Really Small. Really Simple.

MTP/IP SDKs are not just remote control interfaces: they are executable code libraries that integrate directly into your software.

ExpeDat Client SDK

  • Object code library with C headers
  • Build custom file transfer clients
  • Transfer files or data streams
  • Same APIs used by standard clients
  • Fire-and-forget Get/Send functions
  • Add-on feature to ExpeDat servers


  • Object code library with C headers
  • MTP/IP in your end-to-end application
  • Client-server, peer-to-peer, one-to-many
  • Transfer files or data streams
  • Bring your own authentication
  • Bring your own encryption
  • Fire-and-forget Get/Send functions


Benefits of native integration

Building with real code means real performance without the hassle.

Maximum Compatibility

Tiny code libraries can be integrated into any programming environment: C, Swift, C++, C#, ObjectiveC, Java, .NET, and more.

Any Data

Optimized modes for file transfer, memory buffers, or dynamic data streams.  The data content does not matter.


MTP/IP automatically scales across available CPU cores to provide maximum performance, even when transferring a single file.

Fire and Forget

Simple Get/Send functions and callbacks let you start a transaction and then interact as little or as much as you want.

Pure UDP

All MTP/IP operations use only single-port UDP packets.  There are no TCP vulnerabilities and no extra ports to open.

Legacy Preservation

MTP/IP can co-exist with legacy TCP in the same application.  FIFO interfaces even allow drop-in substitution of MTP in legacy TCP code.

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