To use CloudDat for Wasabi Storage, you will need the following:

  • A Wasabi storage bucket
  • A compute provider (Vultr or Hivelocity)
  • A Linux instance with:
    • At least 4 vCPUs,
    • the same region as the Wasabi bucket, and
    • a firewall rule to allow UDP port 8080.
  • ExpeDat and CloudDat installation packages


CloudDat for Wasabi is downloaded from your DEI Customer Download SiteContact us for a free trial.

Download the latest expedat-linux64 and clouddat-others packages from the ExpeDat folder.  You will need to upload these to your compute instance.

Client software is included in the "expedat" packages.  Look in the "Client Only" folder for packages that contain only the clients.  You may distrbute these to your users.


  1. Locate the endpoint for your Wasabi bucket.  See the Wasabi Service URLs page for the current list. Wasabi Regions
  2. Obtain an access key and secret key for your bucket. Access Keys
  3. Locate a compute region nearest your bucket. (Vultr Data Centers or Hivelocity Facilities)
  4. Deploy a Linux compute instance with at least 4 vCPUs.  Any current Linux distribution should work, but Ubuntu is recommended for its ease of use.  Note the instance's root password or SSH key.
  5. Use SSH to upload the expedat-linux64 and clouddat-others packages to the compute instance. SCP Packages
  6. Extract both the expedat-linux64 and clouddat-others packages to your home folder. Extract Packages
  7. Run clouddat-others/  The installer will install the required software packages, then prompt you to setup your first end-user credentials.  This username and password will be used to authenticate the ExpeDat clients when they are accessing the CloudDat server. Username
  8. Next, the installer will ask for the name of your bucket, the Wasabi endpoint URL, and region name.  Make sure to include https:// with the endpoint, making it a URL and not just a name.  The region name should match the middle part of the endpoint name. Bucket
  9. Finally, the installer will ask for the bucket's Access Key and Secret Key. Keys
  10. Now run ExpeDat/Server\ Files/ and enter a license code if needed.  For a purchased license, answer 'y' then enter your license code.  For a trial, answer 'n'.  Press return for defaults on the rest of the prompts. Keys
  11. If you have not done so aready, make sure UDP port 8080 is open on your instance.  For Ubuntu Linux, this can be done by running "ufw allow 8080/udp" as root.
  12. Reboot the instance.

Proceed to the next section to setup and begin using the ExpeDat clients to access your bucket.

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