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Amazon Web Services


CloudDat for AWS consists of an EC2 hosted ExpeDat server integrated with a high-speed S3 back-end which streams data between ExpeDat clients on your machines and your S3 bucket. ExpeDat is DEI’s high-performance file transfer software which uses our proprietary transport protocol to move data across the Internet, overcoming distance, latency, and congestion.

Data moving between your desktop or server and your S3 bucket never stops in EC2. It streams through in real-time without touching instance or EBS storage. You can also use CloudDat to move data between AWS regions, and EBS access is available if you want it.

ExpeDat server software is built-in to the CloudDat EC2 instance, and ExpeDat client software can be downloaded using your web browser. Installation is fast and simple, and so are the clients.

The cost of the software is just the subscription and hourly usage, plus the standard AWS fees. There is no additional cost for the amount of data or how fast you move it.

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