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Amazon Web Services

Software and Infrastructure Fees

The costs for using DEI software through AWS Marketplace are billed by Amazon Web Services.  This includes hourly fees while instances of CloudDat are running, monthly fees while you are subscribed to a "Monthly" product, or an annual fee if you subscribe to the "Hourly" product on an Annual basis.  AWS Marketplace rounds hourly usage up to the next whole hour, but may prorate monthly charges.  Perpetual licenses are purchased directly from DEI.  See the About page for details.

In addition to software fees, AWS charges you fees for using their infrastructure.  This includes any time an instance is running, any data stored in AWS, and any data transferred out of AWS. Those fees are charged by Amazon Web Services and are not controlled by DEI.

When Charges Apply

Hourly Software and AWS instance fees are charged whenever an instance is running, regardless of whether you are transferring data.  To stop the hourly fees, go to your AWS EC2 console, select the CloudDat instance, and choose "Instance state -> Stop instance".  The CloudDat setup is preserved so you may start it again and resume using it at any time.

Monthly subscriptions are charged a monthly subscription fee in addition to any hourly fees.  The monthly fee is the same flat rate per month regardless of how many instances are (or are not) running.  To stop the monthly fees, go to your Marketplace "Manage subscriptions" page and cancel the subscription.

How the AWS Marketplace Free Trial Works

The "Free Trial" applies to the software fees of a single instance of the Hourly product.  During the Free Trial period, you may run at most one Hourly CloudDat instance without software fees.  AWS will still charge you instance, storage fees and other infrastructure fees.  If you run more than one instance at a time you will be charged software fees for the extra instances.

Because AWS Marketplace rounds usage up to the next hour, terminating one instance and starting another within the same clock hour may result in charges even though only one instance was running at a time.

At the end of the Free Trial period, any instance still running will begin accumulating software fees. To minimize your costs, Stop your trial instance when you are done testing it.

AWS Marketplace permits only one Free Trial per AWS account.  Contact us for a non-Marketplace trial if you need additional testing time.

Terminating a CloudDat Instance

The best way to destroy a CloudDat instance that was created using the recommended CloudFormation method is to use your AWS CloudFormation console to delete the CloudDat stack.  This removes all of the resources created when you launched the instance: the instance itself, its IAM Role, and its security group.  It does not disturb your S3 bucket.  If you only terminate the instance without deleting the stack, then the IAM Role, Security Group and any other resources created at launch will remain.

If you created a CloudDat instance manually using the "Single AMI" option, you may terminate the instance directly from the EC2 console.

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