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DEI Continues to Fully Support macOS

by Seth Noble |  Blog Oct 05, 2020

One of our competitors recently announced that they would no longer support server software on macOS.  Given that macOS is the dominant platform for media and entertainment professionals, this is a shocking move from a fellow Emmy Award recipient.

Accelerated data transport is first and foremost about communication.  Supporting the rapid transfer of data demands software that runs on the widest variety of platforms where that data lives.  Requiring users to place extra layers between themselves and their data is the opposite of what we are trying to do.

Of course, operating systems and hardware evolve, and sometimes it is necessary to let fading platforms fall away.  Our own Tech Note 0019: Deprecated Platforms documents many systems from our past.

But macOS is far from fading. According to, over the past decade macOS has grown from about 6% share of desktop systems to around 18% with nearly half that growth occurring in just the last two years.

For more than two decades, DEI has supported each of the major desktop and server platforms, going all the way back to MacOS 8 and Windows 98.  Unlike some of our competitors, all of our software is built to run natively on every system we support: no emulation environments or compatibility libraries required.  macOS in particular is our primary development environment and we fully support the latest Swift APIs, notarization, and hardened runtime requirements.

Keeping up with Apple isn't always easy, but I can only speculate as to why a company claiming to support high performance communication would take such a huge step back from them and cross-platform compatibility.  Regardless, I assure all of our fellow Mac users that our support for the platform is unwavering.

For more about the platforms we currently support see Tech Note 0004.

Or see for yourself how we run on your favorite system with a free trial.