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Software Update

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Announcements May 02, 2022

ExpeDat 1.20B, SyncDat 1.7B, MTP-Tunnel 1.1U, MTP-SDK 4.4.1

New software is available, featuring a new iOS client, a new custom authentication mechanism, new licensing options, and other fixes and improvements.

  • ExpeDat Mobile for iOS let's you upload media and documents from iPhone and iPad devices at up to hundreds of megabits per second.  Available free in the Apple App Store for use with ExpeDat and CloudDat 1.20A and later servers.
  • Custom user authentication using AuthHandler scripts.  Similar to an ObjectHandler, you can now specify a script or program which will be called to validate user credentials.
  • Licensing support for server clusters and containerized environments via CodeMeter.

See the ExpeDat Change Log, SyncDat Change Log, or the ChangeLog.txt file in each software package for more details.

Customers with active support contracts can download updates from our Customer Portal and everyone can try our end-user products by downloading a free trial.