Change Log

Below are the changes made in each version of ExpeDat, starting with the most recent release.  For more information about version numbers, and how to find which version you are currently using, see Tech Note 0001.

Recent Changes for ExpeDat distribution package. 210716-1.19C mtp-4.3.3 macOS: Universal binaries support Apple Silicon and Intel Updated GCP static IP binding for new requirements Fixed MTU detection on NICs with long names Improved flow control with slow streams servedat-1.19.2 AuthFile option Disabled disables a user with optional error message AuthFile option Expire disables a user at a given date and time AuthFile records may now end in a # comment AuthFile options may now override global restrictions Faster spawn recovery if network is down during startup Missing AuthFile is no longer fatal if SysAuth is enabled Logs now show the path of each configuration file loaded Legacy crypt and md5 hashes disabled by default for new installs Fixed crash if LogFile declared with no argument in Fixed options being ignored on last AuthFile record if it lacks EOL Fixed possible hang on completion of object handler upload Fixed possible incorrect logging on completion of object handler upload FreeBSD: Fixed incorrect installer requirements ExpeDat Desktop-1.19.2 Fixed crash when deleting local folder while Streaming Folders is enabled macOS: Fixed extra / at the end of a bookmark path macOS: Fixed incorrect browser font on some systems macOS: Fixed window size change when a long remote error is displayed movedat-1.19.2 Fixed possible timeout near end of slow stdout piping Windows: Fixed local wildcard parsing with 64-bit binary EXP.html Added functionality to be more useful as a link creator explink.php Improved parsing of query string to ensure all values are preserved 201230-1.19B macOS: Updated packaging for better gatekeeper compatibility with latest systems 201218-1.19B mtp-4.3.2 Fixed possible hang or crash during exit Fixed handling of MaxRate values above 4.2 gbit/s Fixed MaxRate too high for some combinations of settings Fixed timeout during an extended pause of a streaming transfer Fixed enforcement of NoiseRatioLimit More flexible host binding for EC2-like environments Streaming Folders no longer fails when unable to set permissions FreeBSD: requires FreeBSD 11 or later on amd64 servedat-1.19.1 Fixed crash on permission error when uploading with streaming folders Reduced level 1 logging of WAIT warnings Support for username and password up to 63 bytes with SDK Improved logging of filesystem I/O errors ExpeDat Desktop-1.19.1 Fixed crash after resumed Send when other transfers are queued macOS: Fixed crash when trial license has expired DropDat 1.5.3 macOS: Fixed incorrect embedding of aggression value in ExpeDat Desktop 200831-1.19A macOS: Improved reliability when launching installation scripts 200817-1.19A ExpeDat Desktop-1.19A macOS: Fixed crash upon second upload when limit UI is in effect 200720-1.19A mtp-4.3.1 Greatly reduced volume of FileWrite overflow warnings Fix for possible stall of files over 1 terabyte on lossy paths Windows: Workaround for failures caused by ICMP floods ExpeDat Desktop-1.19.0 HTTP API with id, url_exec, and url_status actions Option to disable prompts for resume and local overwrites Improved and easier to notice prompting Option to display Startup Message in a modal dialog Folder permission errors no longer attempt auto-retry Usernames and passwords may now be up to 39 bytes Windows: Fixed regression of embedding settings with DropDat Windows: Fixed crash when listing local folder with more than 2000 items DropDat-1.5.2 Option to lock embedded ExpeDat Desktop Startup Message for modal display servedat-1.19.0 Improved error reporting when an action would violate RestrictHome Improved enforcement of client restrictions movedat-1.19.0 Usernames and passwords may now be up to 39 bytes 200129-1.18E mtp-4.3.0 Improved performance when writing to multiple NAS of varying capabilities macOS: All executables are now runtime hardened and notarized New desktop installer applications servedat-1.18.4 Reduced default AuthReload to 1 minute Fixed missing meta-data when downloading a 0 length file Fixed missing F log if an object handler fails after data upload completed ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.4 Content encryption is now enabled by default on new installations Improved propogation of custom application name Windows: Fixed regression of Require Encryption embedded setting Windows: Fixed license prompt dialog Windows: Fixed hang after startup failure macOS: Fixed display of custom name in window title DropDat-1.5.1 Cosmetic fixes movedat-1.18.4 Absolute local paths now allow special characters Prefix relative local paths with ./ or .\ to allow special characters Specify empty action code in host to allow = in remote path Specify empty username in host to allow @ in remote path Linux 32-bit: fixed possible crash at start of download Linux,Solaris: fixed date stamp when downloading with -c 191212-1.18D DropDat 1.5.0 macOS: Fixed "Invalid argument" error when using Streaming Folders 191010-1.18D DropDat-1.5.0 macOS: Fixed progress reporting macOS: Fixed droplet license code embedding ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.3 macOS: Fixed subfolder target for URL uploads 190823-1.18D ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.3 Fixed reversed names in error message for renaming a local file One-at-a-time folder transfer now logs individual completions when Debug>0 Fixed length limits for URL username and password Fixed incorrect action descriptions when reporting folder transfer errors Improved error handling when trying to send an unreadable folder macOS: Reimplemented in Swift 5 Requires macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit, capable of queuing millions of files Improved browser sorting Improved drag-and-drop Improved window resize Retina compatible Dark mode compatible Fixed failure to access URL subfolders when LimitUI is enabled Windows: Fixed spurious .CHK errors when object handler download fails DropDat-1.5.0 Removed non-functional Browse button for Desktop log path Removed option to lock Desktop log path Corrected upper bound of Desktop buffer size to 256 Corrected upper bound of Desktop Min and Max datagram sizes to 61440 Fixed sleep prevention after failure to scan a folder Fixed incorrect count of files processed and remaining when there are errors macOS: Reimplemented in Swift 5 Requires macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit, capable of queuing millions of files Retina compatible Dark mode compatible Fixed possible failure when dragging multiple files of mixed types Fixed "Skip this file" not skipping when error is due to DNS failure Windows: Fixed handling of long Startup Message for embedded ExpeDat Desktop mtp-4.2.9 New statistics count datagrams with bad checksums or improper headers Fixed possible stall at the end of a multi-terabyte dynamic transaction servedat-1.18.3 New statistics count datagrams with bad checksums or improper headers Fixed spurious warnings when Capacity is set mtping-2.13.2 Show servedat bad checksum and bad header counts Fixed spurious failure when using -R to register a license code status.php-190726 Added columns for bad checksums and bad headers 190325-1.18C EXP.js Fixed typo in EXP_DoAction 190319-1.18C servedat-1.18.2 Windows: fix for inability to query upload meta files 190125-1.18C mtp-4.2.8 Windows: Fix for failure after "existing connection was forcibly closed" Fixed failure to apply meta data on tiny downloads Reduced logging of "MTP_Select Interrupted" messages servedat-1.18.2 Changes to SysAuth credentials no longer wait until user is idle Fixed free space reporting when over 64 gigabytes Increased default StreamSize to 32 megabytes Windows: AllowPath now accepts / delimited paths movedat-1.18.2 Faster exit when non-interactive movedat receives an interrupt signal Improved port number validation Increased default StreamSize to 32 megabytes ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.2 Fixed extra carriage returns in Windows log files Fixed potential failure when Get occurs while another operation is pending Increased default StreamSize to 32 megabytes Windows: Fixed "URL prompt is waitng" message when starting with URL DropDat-1.4.8 Increased default StreamSize to 32 megabytes mtping-2.13.1 Improved port number validation 180828-1.18B servedat-1.18.1 Fix for crash when linux, solaris, or FreeBSD user has many groups 180814-1.18B ExpeDat Deskto-1.18.1 Fixed decoding of UTF-8 extended characters in URLs servedat-1.18.1 Windows: Fixed spurious "illegal character" error for log comments 180716-1.18B mtp-4.2.7 Improved performance for high-speed streaming transactions Support for meta-data license binding in Azure servedat-1.18.1 New -G IgnoreModes to force default permisions on uploaded files Support for unlimited supplementary groups on unix systems with SysAuth New R log record for structured client reports Path and action strings no longer logged prior to authentication Transaction reports no longer count against idle time Transaction reports considered bulk (for LogFilter) Improved permission handling when uploading with streaming folders Fixed permission errors during folder scans on root-squashed NFS mounts Fixed error code 86 after license code is prompted from command line ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.1 Option to skip hidden files while streaming folders movedat-1.18.1 Option to skip hidden files while streaming folders Passwords can now be piped to -A DropDat-1.4.7 Skip hidden items within dropped folders Fixed error code 86 when entering license code on a master instance mkpasswd Password may be piped via stdin status.php Added option to not hide *rt transactions Fixed incorrect ETA when longer than 1 hour Fixed occasional display of *rt in place of another transaction Fixed compatibility with Ubuntu and similar rc.d layout 180123-1.18A DropDat-1.4.6 Fixes for load balancing and fail-over macOS: Work-around for High Sierra removing droplet icons 180102-1.18A mtp-4.2.6 Fixed potential hang or errors upon close or restart Timeout warnings now issued to servers as well as clients Fixed crash after storage hangs during encrypted download and upload Fixed accuracy of throttling total input rate Improved accuracy of throttling total output rate Fixed checksum error for addresses beyond 1TB servedat-1.18.0 New server transaction level monitoring: action code *rt New network options for AuthFile user records New SysAuthSuffix restriction for limiting system usernames Log and report total bytes transferred and average speeds Fixed caching of shadow authentication records Fixed periodic refresh of DNS for SiteOptions Fixed parent path creation for relative paths Improved reliability when restarting a compressed upload macOS: Fixed group membership for AuthFile users Fixed handling of missing homedir field in AuthFile movedat-1.18.0 Improved reliability when restarting a compressed upload Include object handler when ShowLogs (-s) is enabled Fixed spurious error at the end of compressed downloads Fixed handling of -y, -r, and -O during uploads -I / IgnoreExisting no longer makes an exception for partial downloads Fixed crash after failure to start a stdin pipe Fixed -A when no password cache exists, or host is already cached ExpeDat Desktop-1.18.0 Improved reliability when restarting a compressed upload status.php-171011 Support for new transaction level server reporting mtping-2.13.0 Server reports include bytes transferred and bandwidth Support for new transaction reports (-T) 170207-1.17F MTPexpedat is now called "ExpeDat Desktop" mtp-4.2.5 Improved detection accuracy for persistent packet drops Fixed crash when a network interface has no hardware address ExpeDat Desktop-1.17.5 Formerly named MTPexpedat: new name and icon Fixed possible crash during auto-retry of multiple items Make sure OS flushes all data to disk when download completes Prevent system sleep and macOS App Nap while data is transferring Windows: Fixed crash on very long directory lists DropDat-1.4.5 New icons for master and droplet Prevent system sleep and macOS App Nap while data is transferring movedat-1.17.5 Make sure OS flushes all data to disk when download completes Object handler can now specified after host instead of after path servedat-1.17.5 Shadow authentication: fine grain control of system users AuthFile records can authenticate against system accounts while applying individual homedir and access controls expedat.php-170207 New logo Fixed broken links when browsing sub folders

Older logs are available by request.