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Join us at NAB New York

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Events Oct 09, 2019

Come join as at the NAB show in New York City on Thursday, October 17th.

14 Signs You Should Stay The Course On Your Tech Project

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Articles Oct 02, 2019

Seth Noble and other Forbes Technology Council members comment on when to keep going with difficult projects.

Join us at BoxWorks

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Events Sep 27, 2019

Let's meet at's annual tradeshow on October 3 at the Moscone Center.

Move it! The Great Migration Heats Up

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Events Sep 23, 2019

CEO Seth Noble joins DM Radio's Eric Kavanagh live on Thursday, September 26 at 3pm Eastern to discuss data migration.

No Strings Attached: Try DEI's Accelerated Data Transfer Software Before You Buy It

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 19, 2019

Video: The advantages of "try before you buy."

Making Gaming Installs & Updates a Better User Experience

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 15, 2019

Video: How data transfer acceleration can create an improved user experience for gaming installations and updates.

Video Streaming vs. Real-time Streaming - And How Accelerated Data Transfer Can Help

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 13, 2019

Video: The different challenges faced in streaming live versus canned video.

Anticipating Growing Sizes of Media & Entertainment Data Files

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 12, 2019

Video: Seth Noble discusses the challenges of handling growing media & entertainment file sizes.

Challenges of Moving Digital Data in Media & Entertainment

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 11, 2019

Video: A quick overview of the challenges and means for moving time-sensitive digital data in the media and entertainment industry

From Silicon To Memes: Part 3

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 10, 2019

The Cost Of Communicating With A Protocol From 1974

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