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Software Update

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Announcements Jun 07, 2023

ExpeDat 1.21A, SyncDat 1.8A, MTP-Tunnel 1.1W, MTP-SDK 4.4.3

New software is available, featuring a new ExpeDat client and file name filtering capabilities.

  • WebDat
    A windowless ExpeDat client for a purely web-based user experience. WebDat allows you to provide a fully customized web interface for ExpeDat file transfers.  It is distributed as WebDat.dmg for macOS and for Windows and installs as a menu bar or notification item.  All file transfer interaction is controlled by your webpage using the an expanded version of ExpeDat Desktop's HTTP API.
    See the ExpeDat documentation for details and contact us for guidance in building your own WebDat UI.
  • Filter Patterns
    WebDat, syncdat, movedat, DropDat, and EXP now include the ability to filter file names using glob-like patterns.  This lets you control which files are transferred.  For example, the pattern "*.pdf;*.doc" would limit a folder transfer to only PDF and DOC files.
  • macOS Minimum Requirement
    macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is now the minimum supported system version.

See the ExpeDat Change Log, SyncDat Change Log, or the ChangeLog.txt file in each software package for more details.

Customers with active support contracts can download updates from our Customer Portal and everyone can try our end-user products by downloading a free trial.