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Software Update

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Announcements Jan 07, 2022

ExpeDat 1.20A, SyncDat 1.7A, MTP Tunnel 1.1T, MTP 4.4.0

New software is available, featuring faster performance, new logging features, and new system requirements.

  • 30% faster throughput on multigigabit paths with limited MTU for Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD systems.
  • More efficient I/O in cloud environments, such as AWS, allowing multigigabit performance on smaller, less expensive instances.
  • More reliable path MTU discovery.
  • SyncDat now has an option for time-stamped structured logging.

See the ExpeDat Change Log, SyncDat Change Log, or the ChangeLog.txt file in each software package for more details.

Customers with active support contracts can download updates from our Customer Portal and everyone can try our end-user products by downloading a free trial.