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Customers Tell Us How DEI Works Under the Hood

by Seth Noble |  Blog Aug 31, 2017

Recently we asked some of our customers if they would share their stories. That's a big deal for us because, as a technology vendor, we've always felt that our role is to stand behind our customers rather than in front. We're very careful to protect customer information, even to the point of removing their names from testimonials. So it was tremendously heartening when many customers, both new and old, stepped up to show the world the DEI engines under their hoods.

The first case study from Amagi (linked below) is already out and more will be published in the coming weeks. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Amagi provides cloud-managed broadcast services in over 40 countries, using CloudDat to move content in and out of their AWS workflow. View PDF
  • Base Media Cloud helps digital media companies move their workflows into the cloud and uses SyncDat to provide "lights out" disaster recovery. View PDF
  • castLabs provides digital video cloud services for everyone from film studios to airlines and uses CloudDat to ensure fast data exchange with their customers around the world. View PDF
  • M2Film is a full-service production company for film, television, and branded content. They use ExpeDat to distribute thousands of master files amongst their customers and partners. View PDF
  • Managed Technology Services, an HBR + LexisNexis company, provides litigation support services to top law firms, using ExpeDat to ensure rapid sharing of legal and discovery documents.

Traditionally, most of what we know about our customers has come from pre-sales consultations and deep technical support, so it has tended to skew towards the questions they ask rather than the successes they've built. Through these case studies, we're learning right along with everyone else about the amazing things people can do when high-performance network communication becomes a part of their everyday workflow.