Google Storage


To use CloudDat for Google Storage, you will need the following:

  • A Google Cloud Platform account
  • A Google Storage bucket
  • An n1-standard-4 or better GCP Linux VM with:
    • the VM located in the same region as the bucket,
    • Firewall rule to allow UDP port 8080,
    • Security scope allowing bucket read-write access, and
    • gsutil installed.
  • ExpeDat and CloudDat installation packages


  1. Upload the expedat-linux64 and clouddat-gcp packages to the GCP VM.
  2. Extract both the expedat-linux64 and clouddat-gcp packages to your home folder.
  3. Run clouddat-gcp/ and follow the instructions.
  4. Run ExpeDat/Server\ Files/ and follow the instructions.  Trials do not require a license code.  Do not overwrite the which was installed by step 3.
  5. Verify that the VM firewall has UDP port 8080 open.
  6. Verify that the VM security scope allows read-write bucket access.
  7. Reboot the VM.
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