Tech Note 0037

Expediting Support Requests

How to ensure the fastest resolution to a TSR

DEI strives to provide a substantive response to each Technical Support Request within one business day.  You can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to receive a response and resolution by following these guidelines.  A few minutes spent here can save days or weeks of troubleshooting!

Prepare Records

Before submitting a TSR, preserve as much information as possible about the incident:

Submit a TSR Form

The more information you can provide in the TSR form, the faster we can help you.

After submitting your TSR, note the TSR number for future reference.  Email any screenshots and logs to with the TSR number in the subject line.  A support agent will reply to your TSR within one business day.

Diagnose and Test

Depending on the nature of your request, a DEI engineer may ask you for additional information or request that you perform various tests to help isolate the problem and ensure a correct solution.

The speed of resolution for a TSR is entirely dependent on the amount and accuracy of the information you are able to provide.

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