Tech Note 0028

Transport Integrity

How MTP/IP ensures the integrity of the data it transports

MTP/IP guarantees that upon successful completion of a data transport transaction, the data it delivered at the destination will be byte-for-byte identical to the data it was given at the source.  Data in transit is protected by multiple checksums, a patented transport state management system, and optional encryption with tamper protection.

Network Transport

Each data object, whether it is a file, memory buffer, or dynamic stream, is broken into network datagrams.  Multiple checksums are performed on each datagram, and the datagrams are tracked to ensure that they are delivered and reassembled correctly.

In most environments, each datagram is subject to at least three independent checksums: MTP/IP performs its own checksum, the operating system performs a checksum at the UDP/IP layer, and the network hardware (such as Ethernet or WiFi) performs another checksum.  This triple redundancy ensures that data corruption will be detected and corrected even in extremely high-volume and high-error rate environments.

Partial & Interrupted Transactions

In addition to guaranteeing the integrity of successfully completed transactions, MTP/IP also provides integrity protection for partially received data objects even as they are arriving.  As a transaction progresses, MTP/IP updates the parent application with a sequence number indicating that all data up to that point has been verified.  This allows dynamic data processing to proceed immediately and allows interrupted transfers to be resumed from the last verified point.


When encryption is enabled, the MTP/IP checksum is performed on the clear-text data.  If a hostile network node were to modify an encrypted MTP/IP datagram, the hostile node could recalculate the hardware and UDP/IP checksums, but it would not be able to recalculate the MTP/IP checksum.

For more information about the security features of MTP/IP software, see Tech Note 0016.

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