Tech Note 0010

Purchase Order Technical Information

Instructions for the technical information section of an order

The first page of each DEI Quote document shows what information is needed in order to set up your account, configure your software, and deliver your purchase.  Any information which is missing or requires correction must be emailed to or faxed to +1 617-500-0052.  You may send this information before, with, or after your purchase order.  You do not need to use the quote form when you send us this information, but you must include the quote number so that we can match the information to your order.

Quote Number

Each DEI customer is assigned a unique identification number.  This number will appear as the first eight digits of the "Quote #" at the top of each quote form.  The quote number also identifies the order number and revision of the quote.  For example, quote 1A2B3C4D-01B belongs to customer 1A2B3C4D, is their first order, second revision.

Because your company may make multiple purchases through different channels, it is vital that you include the quote number with any purchase information, purchase order, or payment.  Likewise, you must include your Customer ID with any request for technical support or new quotes.

Customer Site Login

Your software will be delivered via a secure customer download site.  DEI will assign a username and password for new customers and communicate these to the Primary and Secondary contacts after the purchase.

If you have previously purchased DEI software using the same Customer Identification Number, then the username and password will remain unchanged and your new licenses will be bundled with your existing licenses.  If you want a purchase to be delivered using different credentials, then you must request a separate Customer Identification Number before you issue a purchase order.  If you need to change or recover an existing username or password, please do so before you issue a purchase order.  You may also request additional credentials for a single account.  Changes to existing credentials require authorization from the current primary or secondary contacts.


Customers must provide the name and contact information for the person or persons who will be responsible for maintaining the software and your customer account.  These individuals will receive communications regarding software availability and updates.  Approval from a designated contact is required to:

If possible, provide both a primary and a secondary contact in case one is unavailable.  Notify DEI immediately if a contact changes.  Support services may be delayed if we are unable to reach a designated contact.

Server License Binding

For standard server licensing, each server is bound to a specific host machine.  You must provide host identification for each server before that license can be used.  If you do not know the host binding at the time of purchase, you will have the opportunity to provide it via the server binding manager of your customer site after your purchase order has been processed.  See Tech Note 0007 for details on acceptable identifiers.

Host bound server licenses will not function without a host identifier.
DEI is not responsible for delays caused by incomplete or incorrect binding information.

Server Labels

You may also provide a label or description for each server.  This can be any brief text string you wish.  Some clients, such as ExpeDat Desktop, may make this label visible to end-users when they communicate with the server, so it should be brief and descriptive.  See Tech Note 0001 for an example of how such information appears to end-users.

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