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Anticipating Growing Sizes of Media & Entertainment Data Files

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 12, 2019

Data Expedition, Inc. CEO Seth Noble discusses the challenges of handling growing media & entertainment file sizes.

One of the constants of media and entertainment is that data sizes keep growing. Whether it is HD, 4K, 8K and beyond, the data sizes, the data speeds that are required keep going up. In order to keep up with customer demand and expectations of quality, it's necessary now not to just look at whether the infrastructure can support that, but whether the software that's driving those video streams can keep up with the infrastructure. MTP™/IP's intelligent adaptation and its scalability ensures that end users will get the highest quality video in the fastest possible time.

8K doesn't just mean end user customer delivery though. There's also all the workflow and infrastructure that goes on behind it. Especially with cloud computing coming into play, there's only so much the proxy video can do. At some point, those massive 8K files have to be moved around for transcoding, editing and final distribution. MTP/IP, ExpeDat™, CloudDat™, all of our products really tie into being able to keep those workflows timely and ensuring that editors and other people who are working by the hour at very expensive rates, are kept busy and kept at optimal utilization.