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Challenges of Moving Digital Data in Media & Entertainment

by Seth Noble |  Blog Sep 11, 2019

CEO of Data Expedition, Inc., Seth Noble, PhD, gives a quick overview of the challenges and means - accelerated data transport - for moving time-sensitive digital data in the media and entertainment industry. There's a lot of pressure and money riding in this industry on being able to get data out very quickly.

Media & entertainment is an interesting industry because there is a lot of urgency involved, and there's typically a lot of money on the line, riding on the timeliness of data moving around. Whether it's taking video on a movie set for dailies, or these days, the actual film coming in digitally, to video shoots for documentaries that may be occurring in strange places, all the way out to when you have journalists out in the field, sometimes even in war zones, trying to get video back in real time, there's a lot of pressure in media and entertainment, and a lot of money involved, too, riding on being able to get that data out very, very quickly.

And everything in media and entertainment is ultimately digital data. So, for that industry, especially, there's a lot of interest in accelerated data transport. There's a lot of knowledge out there about it, and for us, we look at it as an opportunity for simplicity, for bringing things down to the level of that urgency by keeping things easy to use, very fast to deploy, and very quick to turn around, particularly with people who may not be technically oriented.