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Software Update

by Data Expedition, Inc. |  Announcements Jan 10, 2018

New enterprise class user management and server monitoring features are now available for customers and trial users.

ExpeDat 1.18A and SyncDat 1.5A add new capabilities for user management and server monitoring:

  • Server Transaction and Bandwidth Monitoring
    The server dashboard and mtping utility now report details for all active transactions plus total server throughput and data transferred.
  • Per User Performance and Access Controls
    Set limits on speed and number of transactions for individual users, and limit which networks they login from.  System users can now be restricted to a single authentication domain.
  • More Features and Fixes
    Customer requested features such as allowing movedat to ignore existing files and syncdat to skip hidden files improve useability and automation options.

CloudDat 1.18A, MTP 4.2.6, MTP Tunnel 1.1L, and all of DEI's software development kits are also updated to take advantage of these and many under-the-hood improvements.

Customer with active support contracts can download updates from our Customer Portal and everyone can try our end-user products by downloading our free trial software.

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