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Programming SDK

Integrate high-performance networking directly into your application.  C libraries can be used in any modern programming environment, with a variety of interfaces for file transfer, streaming data, general networking, high-speed transactions, and more.

ExpeDat Client SDK MTP/IP SDK
  • Build custom file transfer clients
  • Transfer files, memory buffers, data streams
  • Direct interaction with the ExpeDat server
  • Works side-by-side with other ExpeDat clients
  • Same simple pricing model as ExpeDat
  • Create your own network model
  • Peer-to-peer, client-server, one-to-many, etc.
  • Let MTP/IP handle performance and reliability
  • You control everything else
  • Flexible licensing to fit your needs

When you need more than just file transfer, our SDKs give you access to the same tools and libraries we use.  See Tech Note 0017 for a technical discussion of which SDKs are right for your project.


Maximum Compatibility

Plain C libraries can be integrated into any programming environment: C, C++, C#, ObjectiveC, Java JNI, Fortran, and more.

Preserve Legacy TCP

MTP/IP can co-exist with legacy TCP in the same application.  Socket-like interfaces even allow drop-in substitution of MTP in legacy TCP code.

Any Data

Optimized modes for file transfer, memory buffers, or dynamic data streams.  The data content does not matter.

Fire and Forget

Simple Get/Send interfaces let you start a transaction and then interact as little or as much as you want.

Pure UDP

All MTP/IP operations use UDP packets only.  There are no TCP vulnerabilities and no extra ports to open.


MTP/IP automatically scales across available CPU cores to provide maximum performance, even when transferring a single file.

See the MTP product page for more technical details and SDK descriptions.