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MTP Tunnel

Accelerate off-the-shelf and legacy TCP applications across WANs and other stressed networks.  Acting as a port forwarder, or as a stdio conduit, MTP Tunnel allows you to capture connections from TCP clients to TCP servers, achieving MTP/IP speed and reliability without changing existing software or workflows.

tclient tserve
  • Listens for local TCP connections or stdin
  • Forwards full duplex sessions to tserve
  • Full MTP performance control
  • Byte-for-byte transfer of any content
  • Listens for tclient sessions
  • Forwards to any TCP server
  • Set a fixed destination or let tclient choose
  • Session and diagnostic logging

MTP Tunnel is best suited to client-server TCP applications which stream large amounts of continuous data, such as file transfer, audio-video streaming, or database mirroring.


Easy Install

Client side capture works just like ssh port-forwarding, similar to a proxy server.  Just point the TCP client to the local port to connect to the remote TCP server.

Any Data Type

The type and format of the data does not matter.  Text, binary, audio/video, compressed, or encrypted: it is all forwarded byte-for-byte.

Easy Deployment

Client and server are each a single executable of just a few hundred kilobytes.

Performance Control

Prioritize, limit, or tune performance using client-side performance controls.

Network Flexibility

Software can run on end-point machines or anywhere in the middle.  Multiple TCP client machines can share the same tclient node.

Preserve Infrastructure

Existing encryption, authentication, and workflow remain the same: it's the same TCP client and server with MTP/IP in between.