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Software Index

Technical Notes

This is a collection of in-depth articles concerning MTP/IP applications and related technologies.  This information is intended as a supplement to the product manuals.  If you are not sure which Tech Note you need, try the search box on the left side of the page.

General Information

01 Identifying Software Versions
04 Platform Support
10 Purchase Order Technical Information
12 Updating DEI Software
15 Embedding ExpeDat
17 MTP/IP Integration Strategies
19 Deprecated Platforms


02 Configuring Firewalls
06 Configuring Vista Firewall
07 MTP/IP License Binding
08 Enabling Anonymous Access to a Win32 ServeDat Service
20 Configuring Windows 7 Firewall
25 Amazon Web Services (EC2)
31 NAS Authentication
33 Enabling Diagnostic Logging
34 Load Balancing Strategies


03 Analyzing Network Performance
05 Bandwidth Management Features
09 Common Network Problems
14 Compression Pros & Cons
18 RAID Performance
21 Loss, Latency, and Speed
22 Network Emulators
23 Recommended Hardware
24 UDP Performance Tuning
29 Tuning Network Attached Storage
32 Multigigabit Networking


13 MTP/IP Error Messages
16 Application Security
26 Files Used By DEI Software
27 License Registration Errors
28 Data Transport Integrity
30 Performance Calculators