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Scripting & Embedding

The ExpeDat file transfer application can be used to do much more than transfer files under end-user control.  The light-weight command-line client and server applications are designed to easily interact with other software.  This not only allows ExpeDat operations to be automated by other processes, but enables complex interactions between ExpeDat and other programs.  All of this can be achieved without source-code level integration, allowing for fast, modular deployment.

movedat Client servedat Server
  • Remote command execution
  • Pipe stdio in or out
  • Configurable error & retry
  • Encrypted password storage
  • Machine parseable progress logs
  • Inline compression & encryption
  • Remote file management
  • Stream data to or from back-end storage
  • Execute scripts or transcoders
  • Machine parseable transaction logs
  • Control and resolve upload conflicts
  • Remote monitor server status
  • Set performance defaults and limits
  • Control performance by source network

For technical examples of using ExpeDat in a scripted or embedded environment, see Tech Note 0015.


Drop In Replacement

movedat shares the same syntax as scp.  Drop in anywhere you currently use secure-copy, FTP, curl, or other command-line file transfer.

Feedback and Monitoring

Machine parseable output allows robust user interfaces, including progress bars, detailed error reporting, and performance statistics.

Easy Deployment

Client and server are each a single executable of just a few hundred kilobytes.

Server Daemon or On-Demand

servedat can install and run just like an FTP daemon, or it can be executed on-demand from a script or application.

Command & Control

Client can trigger server-side scripts and commands for unlimited pre- and post- processing.

Object Handlers

Stream data to or from cloud storage, databases, or other servers without touching disk.