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License Pricing
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License Pricing

License Pricing

ExpeDat is typically licensed by the server host.  Each server license includes:


Perpetual License

No Bandwidth Limit

Servers and clients run forever!

You and your users never need to pay or re-install just to keep the software you have.

Data can move as fast as your hardware.

Your bandwidth needs will grow, and ExpeDat will grow with you, at no additional cost.


Unlimited Client Seats

Full Support and Updates

No-cost enterprise distribution of clients.

Distribute as many copies as you need of all our clients (movedat, MTPexpedat, and DropDat).

One Year Support and Updates Included.

No extra cost for the latest features: all updates, both minor and major releases, are included with support.


There is no cost for client seats.  You only pay for server hosts.  Each server is priced according to its capacity of active transactions.  There is no cost for idle clients.

Server Capacity

Single Server Price

Client Seats



$ 3000




$ 6000




$ 9000











* Capacities greater than 32 are available.  Call for prices.

Capacity counts the maximum number of things the server can do at any one time.  These include transferring a file, listing a folder, running a script, creating a folder, deleting a file, and renaming a file.  There is no cost for bandwidth: the price is the same for any speed and any amount of data.

Pricing above is for the cash purchase of a single, stand-alone, server host license.  Discounts are available for high volume purchases, stand-by servers, multi-product bundles, and other license scenarios.

AWS Marketplace

Subscription Pricing for Amazon Web Services

ExpeDat is available on a subscription basis through Amazon Marketplace.  ExpeDat Gateway for Amazon S3 provides all the features and performance of ExpeDat, plus direct access to S3 object storage at up to 900 megabits per second.  See our AWS pages for details on hourly and monthly pricing, and a 14-day free trial.


While most of our customers use the client-server model above, other models are available to fit your business and technology needs.  To ensure that you receive exactly the solution you need, call us for a free consultation and price quote.

Call us at +1 617-500-0002 x1 (US Eastern, 9am - 5pm) for more information, or to request a formal quote.

Not ready to buy? Try our Free Trial.  The trial package contains the exact same software you will receive when you buy.