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Developing high-performance network applications using UDP is not difficult.  DEI® offers the widest variety of integration and development software to fit any technical or business need.






Drop in replacement for FTP and SCP command line clients.

Real-time progress, auto-retry, encryption, compression, stdio piping, secure credentials cache, run remote scripts, and more.


Cross-platform C libraries for source-code level integration.

SDKs for file transfer, general data transport, FIFO streaming, and custom network development.  Adapts to any dev environment.


Accelerate off-the shelf and legacy TCP applications.

Port forwarding utility captures and accelerates existing TCP streams without modifying existing software.

All of our solutions are based on Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® software, our unique patented technology that combines reliability and scalability with the performance and network compatibility of a pure UDP/IP implementation.


Fast Deployment

Integrate high-performance in just minutes.  Get to market quickly with room to expand features as needed.

Use Anywhere

Private WAN, public internet, high speed, low speed, terrestrial, satellite, or mobile.

Tiny Footprint

Executables and libraries are about 1 megabyte or less.

Zero Maintenance

Once deployed, the software just works.

Cross Platform

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and AIX.

Future Proof

Scales to terabits per second and exabytes of data.

Inexpensive Best Support
Choose a simple client-server model, or let us help you build a license plan to fit your needs. Expert advice, detailed documentation, online Tech Notes, and one year of updates included.