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Purchase Order Technical Information

Certain technical information is needed in order to configure and deliver your software purchase.  The first page of each DEI Quote document includes a form which you can fill out and return.  You may also provide this information by email or in any other format.

We must have this information before we can deliver your order.

Customer Identification Number

Each DEI customer is assigned a unique identification number.  This number will appear as the first eight digits of the "Quote #" at the top of each quote form.  Because your company may make multiple purchases through different departments, it is vital that you include your Customer ID on any purchase order, payment, or support request.  The complete Quote #, including the "-XXA" portion, must appear on the Purchase Order so that we can correctly match your software configuration to your order.

Server Addresses

For standard host licensing, each server license is bound to a specific host machine.  You must provide a host ID for each server you are licensing.  See Technical Note 0007 for details on acceptable identifiers.

Orders including host bound servers cannot be delivered until you provide the required server addresses.  DEI is not responsible for delays caused by a failure to provide correct binding information.

Server Labels

You may also provide a label or description for each server.  This can be any brief text string you wish.  Some clients, such as MTPexpedat, may make this label visible to end-users when they communicate with the server, so it should be brief and descriptive.  See Tech Note 0001 for an example of how such information appears to end-users.

Customer Site Login

Your software will be delivered via a secure customer download site.  In order to access this site, you must choose or be assigned a username and password.  The username should be up to eight alphanumeric characters, while the password should be six to eight alphanumeric characters.  Both are case sensitive.

If you have previously purchased DEI software using the same Customer Identification Number, then the username and password will remain unchanged and your new licenses will be bundled with your existing licenses.

If you wish different purchases to be delivered using different credentials, then you must request a separate Customer Identification Number before you issue a purchase order.

If you need to change or recover an existing username or password, please do so before you issue a purchase order.  Changes to an existing username or password require authorization from the existing primary or secondary contacts.


Provide the name and contact information for the person or persons who will be responsible for maintaining the software and your customer account.  These individuals will receive communications regarding software availability and updates.

Approval from a designated contact is required to:

  • Request technical support.
  • Reset your account password.
  • Download software or license codes.
  • Make changes to your software configuration.

If possible, provide both a primary and a secondary contact in case one is unavailable.  Notify DEI immediately if a contact changes.  Support services may be delayed if we are unable to reach a designated contact.