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ExpeDat is high-performance file transfer software.






100% utilization of available bandwidth, gigabits per second.

Our customers achieve average real-world"Real-world" means real customers using our software on their production networks and comparing the results to their previous file transfer methods.  It does not mean lab-tests, emulators, or comparisons to ancient, crippled TCP stacks.  Anyone can "dial-a-result" to claim 100x or even 1000x with canned tests.  We don't. gains of 7 times faster WAN file transfers.


ExpeDat keeps data moving when others fail.

Eliminates TCP vulnerabilities with the only pure UDP file transfer solution on the market.


Self-contained clients require no installers, setup, or admin rights.

No hidden fees: unrestricted speed, first year support, and all clients are included standard.

ExpeDat combines the fastest speeds, most standard features, and best value in file transport.  It is the only pure-UDP commercial file transfer solution on the market.  There is no charge for bandwidth, no dependency on Java or plugins, and a full year of support and updates are included.

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ExpeDat servers and clients can be installed in data centers, homes, clouds, offices, automobiles, and airplanes.  Wherever you have data and an IP network, ExpeDat can help.

Everything you see here is included standard:

ExpeDat Desktop

ExpeDat Desktop Screenshot

A simple graphical interface for Windows and macOS:

  • Familiar file transfer interface.
  • Upload and download files at maximum speed.
  • Built-in encryption and compression.
  • Automatic retry and resume.

Users familiar with FTP workflows will find ExpeDat Desktop to be a simple, fast alternative.  Administrators will appreciate the no-install single executable and the ability to embed custom configurations.


Web Integration

Web File Browser for ExpeDat

Customizable ExpeDat access right from your web browser:

  • Drop one file into your web server to activate.
  • Browse, monitor, upload, download.
  • Send http links to your branded landing pages.
  • No Java or plugins.

Fully customizable PHP based file browser and landing pages are easy to install and easy to use.  A complete JavaScript API is included for advanced integration.



DropDat droplet illustration

Pre-configured droplet clients for one-step uploads:

  • Drag files and folders to a desktop icon for instant upload.
  • Create, copy, and edit droplets.
  • Customize droplets for different users, locations, and workflows.
  • Droplets can be emailed, file-shared, or copied.

Drag-and-drop simplicity eliminates setup, typing, and even clicking.  Droplets are pre-configured so users only need to drag a file to deliver it to a server.  Available for Windows and macOS.



movedat command line illustration

Scriptable command-line client for all platforms:

  • All the functionality of ExpeDat Desktop.
  • Additional features for scripting and embedding.
  • Stream data to and from other applications.
  • Familiar scp-like syntax.

Self-contained client delivers all of ExpeDat's power plus features for scripting, automation, and application embedding.  See our Development pages for more about automating with movedat.  Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and most unix platforms.



servedat server illustration

High-volume, high-efficiency file server:

  • Automatically integrates with host security, including Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, and PAM.
  • Flexible bandwidth-management and QoS options.
  • Built-in AES encryption.
  • Supports embedding and application integration.

Light-weight server delivers high performance with minimum setup.  Most installations are as simple as click-and-forget, but powerful features are included for customization, integration, and embedding.  Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and most unix platforms.