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ExpeDat Change Log

Below are the changes made in each version of ExpeDat, starting with the most recent release.  For more information about version numbers, and how to find which version you are currently using, see Tech Note 0001.

Recent Changes for ExpeDat distribution package. 160920-1.17E mtp-4.2.4 Linux: Minimum kernel is 2.6.32 for both 32 and 64-bit Support for Google Compute instance & static ip binding Automatically adapt to reduced MTU network interfaces Windows: Minimum OS is Windows 7 and Server 2008R2 for both 32 and 64-bit Mac: Warning if App Nap appears to be interfering with performance MTPexpedat-1.17.4 Changes to performance options now applied live to the current transfer Speed changes now reported live instead averaged over the entire transfer Fixes for URLs with multiple targets Changing the MTPexpedat executable name now changes the main window title servedat-1.17.4 Fixed folder permissions when creating parent-only with "movedat -B" Removed support for Package plugins, use Object Handlers instead movedat-1.17.4 Removed support for Package plugins, use Object Handlers instead Option -o no longer required for Object Handlers mtping-2.12.9 Improved reporting and control for -t trace mode expedat.php-160919 Fixed missing delimiter before $ExpeDat_Path 160520-1.17D mtp-4.2.3 Improved stability and performance under low-memory conditions MTPexpedat-1.17.3 expedat:// URLs can now target multiple files for upload and download Improved handling of invalid file date stamps servedat-1.17.3 Fixed "movedat -B" for absolute and UNC paths MTP0 diagnostic messages are now counted as server warnings Fixed possible crash when system authentication is heavily delayed movedat-1.17.3 Improved handling of invalid file date stamps expedat.php Improved compatibility with Google Chrome EXP.js Added support for limitui key 160414-1.17C movedat-1.17.2w Fixed parsing of -W Windows authentication domain 160331-1.17C mtp-4.2.2 Faster LAN performance Minor bug fixes servedat-1.17.2 Support for SHA-2 password hashes in AuthFile Improved performance for AuthFile with thousands of entries Fixed escaping of carriage-return characters in file names AuthReload default reduced to two minutes MTPexpedat-1.17.2 expedat:// URLs can now post results back to a specified web page expedat:// URLs can now limit UI interaction during a transaction osx: Application is now signed by Data Expedition, Inc. osx: Take care to preserve meta-data when copying Fixed handling of multiple pending prompts and URLs DropDat-1.4.2 osx: Application is now signed by Data Expedition, Inc. osx: Take care to preserve meta-data when copying droplets movedat-1.17.2 Minor bug fixes mkpasswd-2.0.0 Generates SHA-2 hashes by default Legacy crypt/md5 hashes available with -L osx: Mac users can double click on mkpasswd to run it from the Finder osx: Hash is copied to the clipboard when logged in on the console EXP.js EXP_FormAction() now executes URL if exp_urlonly is undefined Scripts linux: Use pkill if killall is not available 160229-1.17B servedat-1.17.1w Windows: Fix for fallback to HomeDir when AD profile folder is missing 160126-1.17B mtp-4.2.1 Improved error reporting Fixed handling of local disk full conditions aix: Improved file I/O Improved download performance for streaming/compression/piping servedat-1.17.1 Automatic reload of AuthFile without disrupting ongoing transfers Automatic log rotation Support for client comments in the log file LogFilter default 0 for detailed logging of bulk actions Improved notification of shutdowns and restarts win32: config files and CLI options support unicode paths Improved parsing of malformed AuthFile MTPexpedat-1.17.1 Multiple files can be selected and deleted at once Minor user interface improvements Fixed selection of fallback servers when using host groups Fixed encryption of server ping listing Abort all operations upon disk-full and I/O errors movedat-1.17.1 Fixed selection of fallback servers when using host groups Improved performance when selecting among multiple hosts New -l option to place a comment in the server log Fixed possible crash when downloading an invalid symlink with -h -s ShowLogs output is now explicitly line buffered Abort all operations upon disk-full and I/O errors DropDat-1.4.1 Improved error reporting Abort all operations upon disk-full and I/O errors 151030-1.17A mtp-4.2.0 Reduced CPU overhead when idle Improved clock accuracy at high load Improved performance at very high load Reduced memory usage at high load linux: Support for VMID/UUID license binding solaris: Improved multigigabit throughput solaris: Improved file I/O Fixed possible crash when destination storage device becomes blocked Faster adaptation to high latency links Greater detail in storage diagnostic warnings Improved efficiency on systems with greater than 20 CPU cores Improved performance for long-lived streaming transactions servedat-1.17.0 New performance metric: count number of Capacity Exceeded errors "SysHome 1" now redirects all SysAuth users to HomeDir Validation and typing for symbolic links Fixed deletion of broken symbolic links Upload of a regular file may now replace a symbolic link windows: do not attempt to read files marked OFFLINE New object handler environment variable SV_SIZE Fixed wildcard matching under AllowPaths Allow automatic creation of intermediate folders MTPexpedat-1.17.0 Host groups for automatic server load balancing and fail-over New "Bookmark" button creates expedat:// URL for the current location Identify and browse symbolic links to folders Identify and skip broken symbolic links Include error count in folder transfer summaries Clearer labeling for remote object handler prefixes movedat-1.17.0 Host groups for automatic server load balancing and fail-over Show information about symbolic link targets Skip broken symbolic links in one-at-a-time transfers Fixed download destination path for wildcard matching New -B, BuildPath option to create intermediate folders Logging time stamps now have millisecond precision Pipe and list operations can now auto-retry prior to start New folder operation now accepts multiple arguments File maintenance operations can now auto-retry DropDat-1.4.0 Host groups for automatic server load balancing and fail-over Increased font size in Send window Improved layout in Create window mtping-2.12.6 Display count of "Capacity Exceeded" errors status.php Display count of "Capacity Exceeded" errors expedat.php Improved handling of path delimiters for Windows servers 150617-1.16F mtp-4.1.2 Improved performance on paths with tight latency restrictions Improved performance on LANs and bandwidth throttled paths Improved recovery from low-memory events windows: Support for VMID/UUID license binding servedat-1.16.5 Fixed regression of compressed upload completion and interrupt recovery aix: Fixed directory scanning compatibility MTPexpedat-1.16.5 New option to show and transport hidden files like regular files More accurate progress bar when downloading with compression windows: Fixed browser date formatting movedat-1.16.5 Fixed regression of compressed download completion and interrupt recovery aix: Fixed directory scanning compatibility 150513-1.16E MTPexpedat-1.16.4 Removed spurious "File Size Verification" messages osx: Fixed overwriting a partial object handler download 150422-1.16E mtp-4.1.1 Fixed performance degradation when slow stream sends to fast storage Improved reliability when destination storage is slow to close Improved user feedback when destination storage is slow to close servedat-1.16.4 Improved compatibility with version 1.14 clients Improved reporting of filesystem errors MTPexpedat-1.16.4 Fixed spurious "Aborted" server log entry after successful compressed GET Improved reporting of filesystem errors Improved reporting of download errors to the server movedat-1.16.4 Improved reporting of filesystem errors -r no longer causes failure if a partial download does not exist 150225-1.16D mtp-4.1.0 Improved reliability when a file transfer is aborted multiplied times Improved performance when streaming data solaris: 64-bit executables solx86_64: 64-bit executables MTPexpedat-1.16.3 Increased font sizes and window size by 20% for improved legibility When logging to a file, time stamps are recorded for each line Improved reliability when resuming a download after a crash General UI improvements osx: Fixed ability to list local ExFAT directories DropDat-1.3.3 windows: Fixed license amnesia when server includes a port value movedat-1.16.3 Improved reliability when resuming a download after a crash servedat-1.16.3 Improved reliability when resuming an upload after a crash Improved performance writing to slow storage solaris: PAM required, direct NIS support removed osx: Installer updated to fix compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10. 141215-1.16C mtp-4.0.4 Warning if storage latency is very high Improved CPU efficiency at speeds over 10 gigabits per second Fixed spurious timeouts when streaming data to a slow destination Smoother flow when streaming data to a slow destination windows: Strictly enforce a minimum of XP Service Pack 3 More graceful handling of trial expiration Reduced memory usage when writing to relatively slow storage servedat-1.16.2 Improved object handler progress reporting Fixed delayed handler exit when multiple long-running handlers are active Throttle respawn when trial expires while running in the background movedat-1.16.2 -s ShowLogs now continues progress reports during server post-processing MTPexpedat-1.16.2 Improved memory management osx: Disable "App Nap" to prevent runtime problems on 10.9 and later DropDat-1.3.2 Improved memory management osx: Disable "App Nap" to prevent runtime problems on 10.9 and later mtping-2.12.3 Fixed crash when options are given but no server 141010-1.16B mtp-4.0.3 win64: Native support for 64-bit Windows on Vista or later systems Improved handling of abort and error conditions Support for self-service host binding Fixed handling of errors when request times out before data is received servedat-1.16.1 Improved directory scanning performance and reliability Improved caching of SysAuth credentials DropDat-1.3.1 Added Object Handler, for use with S3 Gateway and other object handlers Improved validation of configuration settings MTPexpedat-1.16.1 Fixed possible crash after download during queued transfers movedat-1.16.1 Improved abort error handling mtping-2.12.2 Statistics now display after interrupt of "-c" mode 140821-1.16A-1225 mtp-4.0.2 Restored ability to detect ICMP messages Fixed MTP0 messages during transaction aborts 140818-1.16A-1222 mtp-4.0.1 win32: Fixed compatibility with Windows XP Restored ability to detect port conflicts 140717-1.16A mtp-4.0.0 Improved multi-gigabit scaling Faster transfers to and from network attached storage Greater tolerance of slow and contentious hard-drives No slow-down when using Encryption on multi-core CPUs Deprecated support for MacOS X 10.5 servedat-1.16.0 Improved performance during high levels of concurrency Greater responsiveness under heavy load Quick Start mode now refuses to accept a username or password Creating an existing directory no longer increments failure count Support for movedat ignore existing files option (-I) win32: Improved support for very long paths using //?/ prefix linux,solaris,hpux,aix,irix: regression of upload date stamp issue SysHome now defaults to HomeDir when user path is missing Improved interrupt recovery with Streaming Folders uploads Fixed object handler resource leak on all unix platforms MTPexpedat-1.16.0 expedat URLs can be pasted into the Server field, click arrow to execute Improved efficiency when displaying very long folder listings Streaming send refreshes the remote listing soon after starting Support for very long URLs win32: Improved support for very long paths using //?/ prefix movedat-1.16.0 -I option to ignore/skip files which already exist at destination Improved support for using //?/ prefix with Windows servers solaris: Fixed crash when sending directory with -h mtping-2.12.1 Fixed "mtping -R license_code" Fixed hang after last TTL Exceeded response 131007-1.15B servedat-1.15.1 Fixed one-at-a-time download of folders when under an AllowPath prefix MTPexpedat-1.15.1 Improved handling and reporting of low-memory conditions win32: Correct selection of local drag-and-drop targets win32: Fixed username caching Fixed possible crash when malformed path is entered movedat-1.15.1 -x option now allows multiple targets and wildcard matching 130821-1.15A status.php New Server Dashboard for monitoring the status of multiple ExpeDat servers expedat.php Minor fixes and updates explink.php Support for Object Handlers EXP.js Support for Object Handlers mtp-3.15.11 Expanded AWS EC2 license binding options Improved clock handling for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and AIX Improved symbolic link support for Streaming Folders on unix systems Reduced peak file handles consumed by Streaming Folders servedat-1.15.0 Object Handlers: external applications can handle all data storage and manipulation, independent of the filesystem New ObjectOnly access restriction Improved reporting of errors occurring after uploads Tighter privilege restrictions on Package handlers Updated zlib compression library Improved input validation for explink.php MTPexpedat-1.15.0 Object Handler menu and configuration options Packaged Gets removed Compressed downloads now show a progress bar Last username now preserved across restart Warning displayed when server is older than client Improved error reporting Updated zlib compression library movedat-1.15.0 Object Handler option: -o Improved accuracy of compressed upload speed reports Fixed "Encryption Unavailable" error with multisource upload commands Improved error reporting Updated zlib compression library DropDat-1.2.4 Embed Object Handlers list in MTPexpedat mtping-2.12.0 New -r option outputs machine parseable server response Registration option -R now accepts license on the command line Server can now be specified in "address:port" format

Older logs are available by request.