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License Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about ExpeDat.  Much more detailed information can be found in the documentation.  Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

What is "ExpeDat"?
"ExpeDat" is a suite of file transfer applications based on DEI's Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® technology (MTP/IP).
Why should I use ExpeDat?
ExpeDat can transfer files many times faster and more reliably than FTP, SFTP, HTTP, CIFS, and other traditional technologies.
What does "many times faster" mean?
Real customers using our software on their actual production networks typically see about seven times faster transfers compared to their other file transfer methods.
Other vendors claim 100x faster or more, why don't you?
Anybody can "dial-a-result" to claim 100x or 500x faster using lab-tests, emulators, or crippled TCP stacks.  We believe in real-world results, which is why we make our full software package available to everyone for immediate download.
How many times faster will ExpeDat be for me?
Try it and see!  You can download and install a fully functional free trial in just minutes.
Can ExpeDat transfer data faster than my line speed?
No, nothing can transfer data faster than the physical limits of your network and storage path.  Techniques like compression, which ExpeDat supports, can reduce the amount of data being sent, but such techniques have trade-offsExpeDat's performance gains come primarily from fully utilizing the line speed.
Who uses ExpeDat?
Our customers range from the most recognized companies in the world to medium and small businesses.  See our customer page for a sample.
How much does it cost?
See our License Pricing page for detailed cost information.  You can also download a fully functional trial version for free.
What do I get?
Each ExpeDat license includes at least one server, enterprise-wide client distribution, and one year of technical support and updates.  See the "Overview" and "Price" pages for details.
What platforms does ExpeDat run on?
ExpeDat is currently supported on Windows, Linux x86, macOS, Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86, FreeBSD x86, and AIX Power.  See the documentation for details.
Does it support encryption?
Yes, subject to regional export restrictions, ExpeDat supports AES encryption for content and authentication.
Does it support compression?
ExpeDat can compress your data on-the-fly, but compression can involve performance trade-offs.  See Tech Note 0014 for details.
Do you have integration tools or SDKs?
Yes.  ExpeDat itself is designed for integration and embedding with scripts and applications.  See our Development section for information about building around ExpeDat and MTP/IP.  We offer solutions for scripting, source-level development kits, and TCP tunneling.
What is MTP/IP?
MTP/IP, or Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® technology, is a transport protocol that improves network performance by making more efficient use of network resources.  For the answers to many other questions about MTP, visit our MTP page.
Where do I get the software?
Just go to our download page to immediately download a free trial.
Does ExpeDat work with regular FTP apps?
No, ExpeDat uses MTP/IP rather than the TCP/IP transport protocol, so it is not compatible with traditional FTP apps.
Does ExpeDat work with web browsers?
Yes, ExpeDat transfers can be initiated from a web-browser, email client, PDF document, or anywhere else a link can be clicked.  A web based file browser and JavaScript API are also included.