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Development Kits

Pricing Models

Licensing of the MTP/IP Software Development Kits is value based and can be structured using several different models.  Because each developer, vendor, and user environment is different, we work with you to find the pricing model that best fits your business model.

Many of the benefits of MTP/IP technology can be had by embedding or integrating ExpeDat, which can be licensed on a fixed-cost, per-server basis.  See the ExpeDat Licensing page for pricing.

Below are some examples of various pricing models that we offer.  For a free consultation and quote, please call us at +1 617-500-0002.

Flat Fee:
Pay a one time flat fee for a perpetual license to use MTP in your product or service.  This license includes one year of technical support and software updates.  Support and updates may be renewed annually for 25% of the list price.  The Flat Fee model is the simplest and provides the lowest over-all cost.
Fixed Royalty:
Similar to the Percentage Royalty, but with pricing fixed per unit sold.  This combines the cost deferral advantage of a Royalty with the predictability of a Flat Fee.  Technical support and updates are provided for the duration of the license.
Percentage Royalty:
Pay as you go with a percentage of revenue generated by MTP enhanced products.  This ties the MTP price to actual market performance and defers almost all of the cost until revenue generation.  Technical support and updates are provided for the duration of the license.
Tiered Royalty:
Either royalty model can be further refined by establishing specific sales volume targets and tying these to royalty amounts.
Advanced Royalty:
Anticipated royalties can be pre-paid at a reduced rate.  For established markets, this allows a reduction in overall cost while still allowing for growth.  Technical support and updates are provided for the duration of the license.

You decide which model is right for your business based on your priorities.

  • Do you prefer pricing to be fixed or performance based?
  • Do you prefer costs to be up front or to pay as you go?
  • How large is your market and what are its growth prospects?

For a free price consultation and quote, contact us.