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Development Kits

Development Kits


Licensing of the MTP/IP Software Development Kits is structured to fit your business model.  Because each developer, vendor, and user environment is different, we work with you to find the pricing model with best value.

You decide which model is right for your business based on your priorities.

  • Do you prefer pricing to be fixed or performance based?
  • Do you prefer costs to be up front or to pay as you go?
  • How large is your market and what are its growth prospects?
  • Do you wish to license by unit, revenue, or time?

For a free price consultation and quote, contact us.

Embedded Integration

Many of the benefits of MTP/IP technology can be had by embedding or integrating ExpeDat, which can be licensed on a fixed-cost, per-server basis.  Integrating ExpeDat provides many advantages for a fast, simple, go-to-market strategy with room for future growth:

  • Fast product integration
  • Fully developed server technology
  • Redistribution rights included in the off-the-shelf license
  • Simple price model
  • Volume discounts available

See the Development section for more integration options and pricing details.