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Development Kits

MTP/IP and related technologies are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 7158479, 7313627, 7404003, 7630315, and 8014289.


Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® or MTP/IP is software which moves data across IP networks.  Its unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms allow MTP/IP to achieve high network efficiency across the widest spectrum of network types and speeds, even under adverse conditions such as congestion, latency, and packet loss.  Performance is fully automated and the software is completely self-contained, making it the easiest way to deliver high-performance networking everywhere.

  • Automatically adapts to any type of network without human intervention
  • High performance and reliability at all speeds, not just enterprise pipes
  • Self-contained, easy to integrate, single-port server
  • Minimal hardware requirements: 10 gigabits on off-the-shelf hardware
  • No Java, no TCP/IP, no third-party dependancies

Other technologies, including those from well-known acceleration vendors, only work well in a narrow range of network types and require a knowledgable person to tune their performance.  MTP/IP is the only technology which can provide out-of-the box performance on any type of network.  The same software and settings used for a ten gigabit network work just as well on a 1 megabit network, and vice-versa.

  • End-Users: fast, simple, reliable data transfers
  • IT Managers: single-executable installation, single server port, no setup tuning
  • Developers: fast integration, easy scripting, true source-level interfaces

The MTP/IP technology is built on top of existing Internet standards.  It requires no special hardware and no drivers.  You can download an MTP/IP application right now and have it running in minutes.

The MTP/IP Software Development Kits embody this technology in a modular programming interface that provides both high-level session management and fine-grained transaction control.


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