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Development Kits

MTP/IP and related technologies are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 7158479, 7313627, 7404003, 7630315, and 8014289.  Additional patents pending.


Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® technology enables applications to achieve dramatic improvements in network performance and reliability.  Its unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms allow MTP/IP to achieve high network efficiency across all IP networks, even under adverse conditions such as congestion, latency, and packet loss.  MTP/IP thrives on:

  • Long-haul WANs, across the country or around the world;
  • Satellite and Cellular links, where high packet loss and extreme latency are common; and the
  • Public Internet paths, even in the face of dramatic congestion and variable bandwidth.

Other technologies merely reduce the amount of data being sent through compression or caching, or they require delicate tuning to each network path.  MTP/IP software is the only technology that can actually move data faster while immediately adapting to changing conditions and providing maximum throughput to all data types, including unique and already compressed data.

  • Throughput is increased by up to seven times (sometimes more)
  • Transaction rates are increased by at least two to six times
  • Reliability is increased ten times over traditional TCP mechanisms.

The MTP/IP technology is built on top of existing Internet standards.  It requires no special hardware and no drivers.  You can download an MTP/IP application right now and have it running in minutes.

The MTP/IP Software Development Kits embody this technology in a modular programming interface that provides both high-level session management and fine-grained transaction control.


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