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MTP/IP is the only data transport technology capable of high performance across the entire bandwidth spectrum.  It achieves maximum efficiency on data paths ranging from kilobits to gigabits per second, regardless of latency.

This illustration shows the typical performance efficiency of different transport technologies at various WAN speeds.

Spectrum Utilization

  • MTP/IP automatically makes full use of available bandwidth at any speed.
  • TCP/IP can do well at slower speeds, but its limited tolerance for bandwidth-delay causes it to drop off at higher WAN speeds.
  • Other UDP based technologies only work well in the middle of the spectrum.  At lower speeds, they cause flooding and massive packet loss unless carefully tuned.  At higher speeds their hardware requirements grow exponentially, limiting performance on common hardware.
WAN Spectrum

Beyond just path speed, MTP/IP constantly adapts to changing conditions of latency, congestion, packet loss, throttling, and any other variations it sees in the network.  This ability to adjust without human intervention makes MTP/IP uniquely suited for deployment in consumer and edge networks where conditions cannot be known in advance and support costs must be minimized.

You can perform tests on your own network by downloading a free trial of ExpeDat.