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Development Kits

Development Kits

Development Kits

DEI offers several MTP/IP interfaces, allowing developers to choose the programming model that best fits their needs.  DEI's own applications are built using these same SDKs.

MTP: Core

  • Modular transaction model.
  • Support for complex protocol development.
  • Highest performance and flexibility.

DOC: Document Exchange

  • Abstracted for document transfer.
  • Simple Get and Send interfaces.
  • Supports authentication, session control, encryption, and more.

SEQ: Streams

  • Sequential Read/Write access to MTP.
  • Asynchronous notification and buffer access.
  • Powerful buffering and sequencing tools.

EXP: ExpeDat Client

  • Build your own ExpeDat clients.
  • Simple interfaces for custom access to an ExpeDat server.
  • Full integration of ExpeDat client functionality.

Trials Available

Contact a DEI sales representative for information about receiving a free trial of one of our SDKs.

See Tech Note 0004 for the latest information on supported platforms.

See Tech Note 0017 for technical advice on choosing an SDK for your project.