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Seven times faster data transfer on WANs

  • 100% utilization of assigned bandwidth.
  • Results are typical for real-world* customers.
  • Performance achieved for any data type, including compressed and encrypted.
  • Gains over TCP increase as networks become faster, longer, or less reliable.

Two to six times faster transaction rates

  • Modular design minimizes network overhead.
  • Reliable transactions in one round-trip: no three-way handshake.
  • Minimal server-side overhead, even stateless servers.
  • Direct memory access minimizes internal data copying.

Ten times better reliability

  • TCP becomes inoperable when packet loss rates reach about 5%.
  • MTP is capable of operating with loss rates as high as 50%.
  • TCP error recovery is very slow and forces the flow of data to stop.
  • MTP keeps the data flowing while error recovery is in progress.
  • TCP tends to flood the network and is highly disruptive to other traffic
  • MTP carefully monitors and adjusts its performance.

Built-in control and support

  • TCP performance cannot be directly controlled.
  • MTP allows applications to configure throughput, latency, etc.
  • TCP performance cannot be directly monitored.
  • MTP reports detailed statistics on every transaction.
  • TCP is not supported: there is nobody fixing bugs or providing guidance.
  • DEI fully supports MTP/IP.


Improved productivity

  • Time critical tasks complete more quickly.
  • Network dependent resources are more fully utilized.
  • Network dependent people spend less time waiting.
  • Existing network investments provide a greater return.
  • MTP enables tasks that were impractical with TCP's performance limitations.

Reduced costs

  • MTP can do more with fewer resources
  • MTP often performs as well on the commodity internet as TCP does on expensive, dedicated lines.
  • MTP reliability means less dependence on redundant data paths
  • Less down time

Better security

  • Higher congestion tolerance means less vulnerability to third-party attacks.
  • Lower overhead means less vulnerability to direct denial-of-service attacks.
  • Better control helps detect problems before they become serious.
  • Built in encryption framework allows flexible, transport-level, security.
  • Active support by DEI means a fast response to emerging threats.

Expanded functionality

  • Applications can use larger data sets.
  • Interactive applications can offer richer interfaces.
  • Support more varieties of networks and hardware.
  • Explore the possibilities of a faster, more reliable Internet!

* "Real-world" means real customers using our software on their production networks and comparing the results to their previous data transfer methods.  It does not mean lab-tests, emulators, or comparisons to ancient, crippled TCP stacks.  Anybody can "dial-a-result" to claim 100x or even 1000x with canned tests.  We don't.