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Development Kits

Development Kits


High Performance

Automatic adaptation

  • End-user does not need to configure performance.
  • Can be deployed to any type or speed of network.
  • Instantly adjusts to changing conditions.
  • High performance across the full spectrum of network bandwidth.

High reliability

  • Does not flood the network: automatically shares with others.
  • High performance with round-trip latency up to 20,000 milliseconds.
  • Tolerates congestion loss rates up to 50%.
  • Data keeps flowing during packet loss recovery.
  • Adjusts flow as traffic conditions change.

Easy integration

  • Simple, modular interfaces.
  • Fire and forget data transfer.
  • True source-code integration.
  • No external dependencies (e.g. no Java, no Cygwin, no DLLs)
  • Combined libraries total less than 1 megabyte.
  • Can work beside and with legacy transports.
  • Uses just one UDP port: no TCP.

* "Real-world" means real customers using our software on their production networks and comparing the results to their previous data transfer methods.  It does not mean lab-tests, emulators, or comparisons to ancient, crippled TCP stacks.  Anybody can "dial-a-result" to claim 100x or even 1000x with canned tests.  We don't.