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Satellite Video

A military department routinely transfers large video files from overseas to the US for analysis and dissemintation.  Multi-gigabyte files must be transferred over satellite links, sometimes under adverse conditions.

Because of the sensitive nature of the material, speed of transfer is critical.  Data captured under stressed environments is often the most critical, but can experience the most delays.

Traditional satellite link techniques such as TCP stack tuning and forward error correction could provide some improvements.  But these methods were difficult to tune and the results were inconsistent under changing conditions.

DEI's ExpeDat software immediately reduced transfer times to one seventh of what they had been.  The light-weight software can be rapidly deployed to new systems with a simple download.  The transfer gains are sustained across a wide variety of bandwidth, power, and environmental conditions.

With field video becoming available seven times faster, it is possible to provide more rich and timely analysis.  This is improving both the security and success of missions.



Transfer military video via satellite.


ExpeDat 7 times faster transfer under varied conditions.


More timely analysis and feedback.