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News Gathering

News services live and die by the speed with which they can deliver reports, video, and data from their journalists, producers, and stringers around the world.

Being the first to get a story out to the thousands of newspaper, radio, television, and online outlets is critical.  Recent international conflicts have demonstrated the vital role of digital data networks in the flow of this news and information.

But they have also demonstrated the vulnerability of those networks to a variety of challenges that can slow the information flow to a trickle, or even block it entirely.  Remote locations, hotel wifi, political strife, and even military conflicts present real and daily challenges to reporters trying to upload their stories.

ExpeDat has been proven to get the news out like nothing else.  The high performance file transport software has been able to overcome the challenges faced by field reporters to deliver timely reports across a variety of media and in spite of daunting challenges.

In the best of times, ExpeDat ensures that reporters' stories beat the competition, who is often right next door.  In the worst of times, ExpeDat gets the data through when nothing else can.



Reporters uploading stories from remote and sometimes inhospitable environments.


ExpeDat delivers the data fastest across the widest variety of data paths.


Getting the news out first.