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A very large municipal government was consolidating its data centers at a central midwest location.  Data from over four hundred workstations and servers had to be transferred across the country.  Each system contained several gigabytes of data which had to be transferred and installed onto new hardware.  Operations had to remain live during the week, restricting transfers to the weekends.

At first IT workers tried transferring the files directly from each workstation to its replacement using built in operating system file sharing.  This proved to be wildly impractical as it rendered each system unusable for almost a week.

Next they tried archiving the files and transferring them with FTP.  This reduced downtime, but still took several days to move each system across the Internet to the new location.  Since transfers could only be performed on the weekend, it was looking like it would take over a year to complete the transfers.

DEI's ExpeDat software provided project technicians with the means to package, transfer, and install data directly from one system to another in a single step.  Simpler procedures and faster transfer times reduced the process from days to just a few hours per system.

With the ability to transfer many systems per weekend, the project time was reduced by several months, saving millions of dollars in overrun costs.



Move a live data center across the country.


ExpeDat rapidly packaged, transferred, and extracted each workstation.


Project time was reduced by several months.