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A multinational manufacturing corporation moves simulation and design data between engineer workstations and high performance computing centers.  To make the best use of idle resources, engineers often need to transfer gigabytes of data around the globe.

Traditional FTP proved to have poor performance over the Wide Area Network.  It took over 90 minutes to transfer a four gigabyte file each way, but only if the connection held.  Dropped connections could make it take longer.  As a result engineers could only run one simulation per day.

WAN Acceleration Appliances offered little throughput advantage because the simulation data is already compressed and each run is unique.  Some appliances could improve the reliability, but the expensive hardware was impractical to deploy globally and didn't address the needs of mobile users.

With DEI's ExpeDat software, engineers found they could now move a four gigabyte file in less than 15 minutes each way with no drop-outs.  That cuts two-and-a-half hours of waiting out of each run.

It is now possible for each engineer to perform multiple runs per day.  Adding to this productivity gain is a substantial cost savings.  With greater access to remote computing centers, the company is able to consolidate and centralize their computing resources.

Because ExpeDat licenses are just a one-time cost per server, with no charge for client seats, the company's software costs are low and fixed, while infrastructure costs are greatly reduced.



Move large, dense data files to and from global computing centers.


ExpeDat moves data 7 times faster.


Productivity Up,
Costs Down