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Digital Media Distribution

A large media company transfers digital media assets to its distributors and partners on a weekly basis.  They must deliver gigabytes of data to hundreds of sites world-wide.  These products need to get to market quickly and securely.

The company has developed in-house software to automate asset selection, queuing and delivery.  Using FTP over secure shell (sFTP) to perform the data transfer, each batch took up to five days to deliver.  Transfers often fail, leading to further delays.  Customers would not get their orders until a week or longer after they were placed.

The media files are already compressed and change each time, negating traditional optimizations.  Distribution partners are numerous and often change, making expensive hardware solutions impractical.  Any solution must be integrated with the existing management software.

The company chose to embed ExpeDat software beneath its existing content management solution.  The lightweight applications have been distributed to customers providing a secure, automated delivery channel.  Content delivery time is now reduced to less than a day.

Customers are able to rapidly deploy the software.  The company is able to manage delivery remotely using their existing software.  Data is securely encrypted with AES.

Orders can now be fulfilled by the next day.  Products can reach the market up to a full week sooner than before.



Distribute media files to hundreds of customers.


ExpeDat integrates with existing management software.


Customer deliveries cut from a week to a day.