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A video game development company maintains a library of tools and content for each project.  Programmers and artists in multiple international offices must exchange content and coordinate production.

The entire library is several gigabytes, consisting of thousands of software, music, and video files.  Less than 5% changes on a typical day, but the changes are often scattered across hundreds of disparate files.

The company had been using rsync to compare each developer's copy of the library to a central repository and update only the changed files.  Scanning the entire library for changes took up to six hours for some locations, plus hours more to transfer changed data.  Large updates sometimes took longer than overnight, with the central file server saturated during the process, delaying work the next day.

The company deployed SyncDat software with a single server and clients on each developer's workstation.  Scan time was reduced to less than five minutes.  Changes that used to take up to three hours to transfer now complete in less than half an hour.

It is no longer necessary to wait overnight for developers to synchronize their work.  Faster turnaround and lighter server loads mean different offices can coordinate their work in near real-time.

Faster collaboration results in better quality and reduces the time to market for each project by weeks.



Thousands of files amongst dozens offices.


SyncDat rapidly scans and synchronizes.


Near-realtime collaboration, faster time to market.